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Infrastructure is on the cards: are the announcements made by FM Sitharaman enough encouraging as its number?
Economic revival initiatives: Union Budget will be a torch with some new sparks to enlighten the economy...?
Problems invite opportunities: There were many problems existing, which are now showing their adverse potential but how they can be overridden???
The Indian Economic slowdown: They have the key to unlock the lock of crisis and draw the train again on it's track... but they need to be listened
Howdy India???: An attempt to explain the Indian Economy through the eyes of a common Indian and elaborated by the Nobel laureate economist Abhijit Banerjee...
Abhijit Banerjee: make a deep dive in the evolving process of the Indo-American economist and his views on the current economic phase of India...
Golden age of Indian railways: know what are the changes taking place to brighten up the Indian railways' future
Startups matter "more than we can wonder"!!!: how startups can play a key role in leading a nation like India, rapidly on the roads to become a superpower???
Modi Sarkar 2.0: Discussing the cabinet reforms, underlying challenges for respective ministers and a chance to deliver more than the previous term...