PM Modi extends Corona-virus lock down in India: but what are both the sides of a coin???

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We are all aware of the coronavirus pandemic situation in India and the way it's testing the capacities of the fellow Indians in each and every dimension possible and so the government of India, as well as the administration circuit, seems to respond accordingly.

When the virus was rocking China and was making its presences on the doorstep of several countries worldwide, India made the compulsion of screening of whosoever lands on an Indian airport from an international flight. When the patient number crossed 100, India made 14-day compulsory isolation of international passengers landing on the Indian land.

Beginning of the Lockdown in India

The public places were shut down in no time and suddenly after a few days the streets of India, known for celebrating life, connecting the fellow Indians with each other, a witness of several unorganized celebrations on occasions when their country would awestruck the rest of the world, was just deserted. 

Lockdown streets
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India now knows what the word lockdown actually means while they're experiencing it. Since the number of patients has crossed 500, the government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi sensed the seriousness of the situation and imposed a 21-day lockdown. 

Economically unfeasible punches by Corona

However, since the first outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the debris has hit hard on the international market. The situation is so critical that it's labelled more severe than the 2008 global shutdown and the worst crisis world has faced since World War II. Everyone, I mean, everyone alive is supposed to be hit in one or another way rather soft or hard, but they have too.

And the Indians and their economy is also a victim of it. Although the Indian economy was previously suffering from an undeclared slowdown and the pandemic has done nothing more than adding fuel in the fire.

The bands of share market updates showed red all over, the Sensex and nifty had gone crashing at their lowest and wiped out lakhs crores of the investments in the market.

Stock Market
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However, the most affected victims of the lockdown belong to the unorganized sector which in a way runs the country by contributing 82% of employment to the people of India. The people who earn daily wages from doing labour work in construction, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, etc sectors were left in a critical situation.

A huge chunk of people belonging to the workforce mentioned above just rushed from the cities towards their native paces despite the public transport was instructed to perform no operations. People began to march towards their villages and native places when they were left with no mode of transportation.

Migrating people
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This is the dark side of the lockdown. The news of people dying while marching towards their villages hundreds of kilometres away, 8-9 month pregnant women being rescued from those groups are thoroughly disturbing.

But under this global pandemic, India was meant to bite the bitter pie of its share. The situation has dragged down India, economically costing a very big price but nothing seems and should be more important than the lives of the Indians, so was said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of his addresses to the nation.

Narendra Modi
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Reason for imposing lockdown early

But the lockdown and that too comparatively so early as compared to other countries who did it much later were going to happen one day. India had learnt a lesson from the mistakes of then suffering countries like China, Italy, etc. 

And another fact which in a way strongly inspired the government for taking such a huge step was the population density of India. It would have been very hard to track the clusters and slow down the growth and transmission of the virus if in case, lockdown would've not been imposed at such an immature stage of the pandemic in India.

Its the wildest precautionary measure India could take in the pandemic situation. And as the health infrastructure or we call health care index is concerned, those countries which were affected and had it hard prior than India, top the charts of healthcare index.

And despite they have such good health infrastructure, corona had just ripped them apart and swept their population. And India which has an above-average ranking in the healthcare index and has got with a delicate and unfortunately not sufficient health infrastructure wasn't at all ready for the pandemic in this criteria.

Health care Index
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Although India pulled up the drawback with an unbelievable response. Several last moment measures and their large scale implementations have made Indian way of response, been discussed worldwide and often praised by the World Health Organisation(WHO).

India made a significant rise in its health accommodation capacity which can be simply termed as the number of beds, hospitals and testing labs in a short and stressful span of time.

Indians have a large heart, although...

... in the times of mankind's probably worse days, people those who have a large heart and are able to make some contribution and help the hardworking administration in fighting with the coronavirus pandemic are just shedding their pockets off. The PM-CARES fund has seen people across India donating hundreds and thousands of crores.

And aside from the monetary help several non-profit organisations, NGOs and unorganized helpers are totally committed to looking after the poor ones, ensuring their daily healthy meals.

If you want to make a monetary help to the government and donate some amount, then click the link below:


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