Coronavirus: a mirror to the current Pandemic situation in India; how's the josh in the government and the taskforce!!?

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Everything comes for a price, even MONEY...

There's a burning discussion regarding our attitude towards our mother earth and the mismanagement of her precious gifts to us in the form of invaluable resources for which the whole world seems to be locking their horns and making it nothing but a violent game of bloodshed to triumph title suits in the court of the motherland.

And newton's third law says that every action has an equal & opposite reaction. Now in the present era, the fact that it's really said or owned by Newton himself is surely debatable but that's not our concern right now.

The point is that how the situation and the standards of living of mankind on this planet have seen a drastic shift in recent months. People around the earth face calamities and disaster almost on every day in the calendar, irrespective of the magnitude.

But the calamity or to which we have a given a handsome name "PANDEMIC", the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has forced several powerful nations to bend down on their knees and reminded them their status in front of nature and its forces.

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It's true. No matter how much or where they prosper and score on the dashboards and evaluators with flying colours, but are and will be always endangered to face the forces of nature, whether they're ready for it or not, they have to.

And today as our point of discussion is how India is responding to this pandemic, we'll talk regarding its effect on the country, India.

Since the fall of January 2020, the virus has been continuously banging the number of patients and surging an exponential growth. Meanwhile, India was affected comparatively later on as compared to several other countries like China, Italy, France, USA, etc, where the situation was worse.

They served a different purpose for India in the form of nearly two months, since its first case. The administration came into action immediately after the early cases rose up with foreign travel history. To tackle the transmission stage, the meeting histories of the affected were derived and those people were quarantined to prevent further transmission.

This precautionary steps, show the lessons which our administration learnt from the mistakes of several other countries mentioned above.

As the days passed, scientists came up with new-new additions in the study of coronavirus in knowing the characteristics and its survival. In between this, the fear of spreading fake news within public was a major concern.

But taking a step ahead, all the entertainment platforms, social media platforms, media, etc began to spread awareness and precautionary measures from being affected by the virus as well as its further transmission. Even the caller tunes of all phone calls were replaced with audio having a similar message as above.

Several helpline numbers at national and state levels were created for the same purpose, to aware people and answer their questions.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi himself addressed the nation number of times to spread awareness and the need to take several precautionary measures.

Narendra Modi addressing nation
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I think these aspects were responsible for preventing the pandemic from getting worse in such a populated country like India.

The research work of finding the vaccine of coronavirus has run parallel in the laboratories since its outbreak.

Within few days of the outbreak and detections of severe transmission chains across the country and in between the states, the state governments came on board one by one with announcements to close the schools and colleges as a preventive measure.

Meanwhile, that was a time period where students were appearing, to appear or about to finish their final examinations in both schools and colleges. On this scenario, the shutdown of schools and colleges proved harsh for students, as a big chunk of them had to leave their exams halfway or exams were postponed until further announcements.

As the primary transmissions were brought from international passengers and people returning to India from overseas, the travel restrictions were imposed and screening was made mandatory for them.

As the numbers soared high day-by-day, the working places under private sectors were shut down and people were diverted to work from home. Several cities began to shut down gradually and till the day of Janata Curfew, the streets were deserted.

It was a spectacle when the whole nation came on board and showed the spirit of national discipline and unity by accepting the "Janata curfew" and calling off their daily outdoor activities and staying at homes.

Streets in lockdown
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Eventually, international and domestic passenger flights were banned and for the first time in the history of Indian Railways, the passenger trains were shutdown till the further notice. Meanwhile, the cargo flights and good transfer trains continued functioning.

And since 22nd March, Janata Curfew day, the streets have remained deserted and only the Medical and general stores are functioning. Nationwide businesses other than these, have taken a pause.

But the hearts of fellow our fellow Indians are still beating for their country. This is for sure that when it comes to charity, we Indians are unstoppable and we donate wholeheartedly despite the lockdown and that too in a pre-existing environment of the economic slowdown.

Train coaches as isolation wards
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However, the lockdown has brought back the golden era for nature, as the pollution levels have just fallen to their lowest, the sky is clear than ever, no noise in the surrounding and species which were endangered or on the verge of extinction can be seen even on the roads in several parts of India. 

The ventilators are the pre-requisite requirements to treat a large section of coronavirus patients. India imports a large fraction of its requirements from other countries at high rates decided by them. But our engineers are coming up with a solution and have started manufacturing ventilators in Pune which will cost comparatively low than we import.

The Indian railway coaches are being used as isolation wards. The railway is playing a key role in transporting medical goods across the country at a rapid speed by using the existing infrastructure.

In the meantime, several hospitals are being built in countrywide, in a very short timespan to tackle the shortage of beds in the existing hospitals. 

So overall efforts are being made at the battle level but still, the numbers are rising as several people are not taking the lockdown seriously and not following the instructions seriously. And the rehabilitation as well as preventing the movement of people from one place to another, especially of the poor ones and daily wage workers, is a serious concern. It seems that the administration has failed in a way to hit the chord of those.

We will discuss and examine the above-mentioned issue in our next blog and further do a case study of the biggest transmission chain in India which boosted the number of patients.

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