Politics: It's a game of snakes & ladders where the principles of chess are followed...

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The world is full of numerous diversities perfectly rendered in its citizens which makes them live together with a harmonious essence in their daily lives and that's huge.

And democracy is often endorsed as the most optimal system or way of functioning in the current free world in spite there are many handsome neuron possessors (true and claimed one) question it with a reason.

Anyway, the tag it has got maybe a smokescreen or a jewel but there are many bullhorns out there in their own so-called battlefields, very deeply engaged in establishing their influence, pulling each other's legs and sometimes chopping off them too.

They are like diamonds, very precious and expensive in the public realm but equally resistive to the emotions and faith of the public, as a diamond has to be, absolutely neutral.

They often get engaged with other diamonds (may or may not of their cluster) for establishing and fulfilling their respective glossy ambitions and tossing off the favours as a back and forth process. They get polished in their daily exercises which involves often deeply coming across and exploiting with weak spots of their counterparts.

They go on rising their standards and values in the market of diamonds. Many get eliminated (as it has to be) and only some can survive till they are placed in the neckless of power, where they believe themselves been get garnished with the full authority and respect among their respective realms.

reality of politicians
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I think the picture must be clear, whom I've been talking about in the above intro, in a metaphorical tone. They are amongst many who consider themselves to be the face of their country, in fact, every realm has similar bunch people who hold the crucial responsibilities on their shoulders.

We lent our precious trust (which turns eventually cheap) on them for 5 years which may differ to 4 or 6 depending on which country we are talking about.

There are many moments when choices are to be made and ditch of compromise has to be accepted (which always comes with a tiny toy as compensation). And it's us who compromise every time not them.

Citizens are no longer the servants of their respected countries, which they proudly claim to be or actually were at a point of time, they are just left with being a pawn in the game of politics.

king and pawn
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Strangely the truth is, it was us who fought our shit off for freedom all around the world with the uprising wave of dissatisfaction & resistance against pain & injustice, but uncertainly we've got ourselves paralysed and blew down that spirit into flames.

The people all around the globe are in some way disappointed about how things are happening publically and personally, they feel cheated and robbed at some point in time publically.

They readily just serve their brains off on the platter to those cluster of diamonds who carry out several surgeries and programming, which maintains a fine tune with their agendas respectively. We're in the business of brainwash, which never goes bankrupt, there are clients everywhere and everyone has to be a customer some time.

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I may sound like an invite to a new moment or an uprise to fix the problem, but eventually, we end up adding a new diamond in the cluster as our contribution and throwing axe on own feet. Being a leader has become a profession now worldwide in which they end up as contributors who intensify the glory of the neckless of power.

And this is what it is and we've to, after all, accept as it is. No one around the globe deserves democracy and as it eventually leads them to the situation which itself planted the idea to achieve democracy. It's been a simple loop with complex terms, we just need to figure it out.

On this moment I recall a quote from a fictional political character named Francis J Underwood:

Democracy is so overrated

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