Episode 1: what is fuel, the black material which powers almost everything in our daily lives but what makes us in fault???

what is fuel?

"Anything that is burned to give heat or power" can be said as the best way to explain what fuel is but...

As due to more carbon emission and rise in global warming we are on edge deciding which is a better option, "to consume fuel and let the world burn at a slow rate" or "to think of a new way to help with the environment in focus" and we as a sophisticated social being, chose the latter one.

So basically, there are three types of fuels present in the earth:
  1. Coal. (solid)
  2. Oil. (liquid)
  3. Natural gas. (gas)


  • Fossil fuels can generate a large amount of electricity at a single location.
  • They can be found very easily.
  • They are cost-effective.
  • Transportation of oil and gas can be done easily through pipelines.
  • They have become safer over time.
  • Despite being a finite resource, it is available in plenty.


  • Fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide when burnt which is a major greenhouse gas and the primary source of pollution. This has contributed to global warming.
  • They are a non-renewable resource, i.e., once used they cannot be replaced.
  • Combustion of fossil fuels makes the environment more acidic. This has led to unpredictable and negative changes in the environment.
  • Harvesting of fossil fuels also causes fatal diseases among the people. For eg., the coal miners often suffer from Black Lung Disease. The natural gas drillers are constantly exposed to chemicals and silica which is dangerous for their health.

Source: Google

Stay tuned to know how it affects the world on a global level.

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Latest News.

India will switch to the world's cleanest petrol and diesel from April 1,2020 as it leapfrogs straight to Euro-VI emission compliant fuels from Euro-IV grades now - a feat achieved in just three years and not seen in any of the large economies around the globe. India will join the select league of nations using petrol and diesel containing just 10 parts per million of sulphur as it looks to cut vehicular emissions that are said to be one of the reasons for the choking pollution in major cities.

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