Gaming: should it be a part of your lifestyle or not?

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First of all - How do we define video games as?

An electronic game in which one or more people of different ages, interact through a command, with a device equipped with video images. This electronic device, known generically as a platform, can be a computer, an arcade machine, a console or a portable device like a mobile phone. Video games are today, one of the main industries of art and entertainment with more and more upcoming updates in the future.

As you have got a better understanding of video games to let us come back to the topic of:

Should gaming be a part of our lifestyle?

There are some points on which we can define whether gaming is good for people or is it just a myth. So read carefully as we go through the exchange of our views of whether gaming is good or not.


1) Training and Improvement of physical and mental abilities:

As a student, you seem to play video games just to improve your mental abilities and of course for leisure too. But as it seems video games are also used for virtual simulation in a place where we cannot afford testing/training of expensive equipment.

For example- we cannot afford a Boeing 747 for training a pilot in extreme conditions.just like that we use the virtual simulation for a lot of testing methods too.

pilot training
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2) Used for Learning:

Video games can be a means of learning for people who use it because it is a different context and more playful. They are therefore a good means of motivation for children and young people, as well as for children who have learning difficulties or are even at risk.

Thanks to this mean students can be motivated to learn by creating fun feelings.

importance in learning
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3) Foster positive values:

This can be explained as to how a parent can help make a bond with his son/daughter with the help of a medium such as video games. As teenagers are most often leaned towards gaming as one of an important aspect of their life this can be an easy step for a parent to make a bond with their loved ones.
parent-child bond
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4) Develop Competence and Self-esteem:

The use of video games also creates feelings of self-esteem and competition in players game after game. As you overcome the different challenges and levels, you feel better about yourself and able to meet the following objectives.

5) Encourage Teamwork:

In team games, players will also develop group work skills as they sometimes have to be united to overcome some challenges.
PUBG tournament
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In addition, it also allows them to develop other abilities such as quick thinking to act satisfactorily in the face of problems presented to them or even work under pressure to avoid losing the game.


1) It can create addiction:

It is common to hear that there are people who are addicted to video games, however, and despite the studies that have been done about it, to this day cannot prove that playing with video games can create addiction.

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 2) Increases the aggressiveness of the player:

Some games are very aggressive and violent. Sometimes, this content is not only limited to physical aggression but also enters ideologies. There is a wide range of research in this regard in which a clear conclusion is not reached as to whether video games create or increase aggressiveness in their players.

3) It has negative effects on socialization:

The child who has fun with games that are violent can lead to negative effects in their socialization with other equals, leading to their lack of sense of belonging or social justice.
We also know that video games cannot be discussed, which increases the use of violence as a solution.

4) It can affect the life of the players:

If you do not have control of its use, it can affect our lives in a negative way; thus affecting our school performance, the family and our day to day life in general.


In this article, we have presented the most well known and common advantages and disadvantages of the use of video games. At present, there are many people who use devices with which they can play and yet few are aware of the disadvantages and negative effects they may have for the people who use them.
It is important that, from home and schools, priority be given to its benefits and positive effects. As it has been proven to positively affect all people who play video games both physically and mentally.
In fact, many teachers have started using video games to teach subjects such as math, language, and English in their classes.
Even so, we must remember that both fathers and mothers, have to know the diversity of video games that exist. The end will be to buy the one that best fits the age range of your child, since many times we are not aware of what that game consists of or if it really is the most appropriate.
Finally, note that it is important from home to discuss the most suitable timetables for the use of video games, both for the child and for the adult in order to make good use and maximize its benefits.

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