Jammu & Kashmir is Independent now: the President & the government of India has made the state of Jammu & Kashmir an integral part of India "constitutionally" by scrapping Article 370 & 35-A...

articles 370 and 35-A abolition
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India became independent in the year 1947 after a century-long battle of aazadi against the Britishers but our country was left divided apart into two parts India & Pakistan by the Radcliffe line leaving back the anti-social people of both newly born countries colour their hands in the game of blood.

After the Independence, the unifier of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel unified all the princely states to the Republic of India. Some of them like Junagarh, Hyderabad and Jammu & Kashmir took a bit long to agree officially.

By the end of the 40's decade, Junagarh & Hyderabad were in India but the state of Jammu & Kashmir was lead to drop in a loophole of Politics and made the state in search of true independence.

Since it was included in the dominion of India it has been a topic of controversy for India and due to some historical mistakes made by our leaders, it became a worldwide topic of conflict but it's the original identity of being an Indian state lost.

The Instrument of Assertion gained it the official integration in the Republic of India but the series of events afterneath like the referendum, the introduction of article 370, article 35-A, etc invited many threats as well as opportunities for Pakistan to sow the seed of terrorism in the state.

As its a border state, the security plays a key factor in the development of a border state like Jammu & Kashmir. The peace of the state was continuously disturbed by the separatists and politicians harvesting their votes from their respective vote-banks.

And that's the main reason behind the condition of underdevelopment of the state and the special status it gets which is only definable and beneficial to the separatists and politicians while nothing less than a curse for the common people.

The erection of articles 370 and 35-A have been the biggest mistake by our legislators in the history of the Indian parliament which has affected the state the worst.

articles 370 and 35-A
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The laws in the constitution of India are not at all applicable in this state, Indians from the rest of the states and union territories can't buy land or establish a business there, no RTI, no right to education, no outsiders can get a job there, no outsiders can get its permanent citizenship, even the anti-corruption bureaus can raid there, etc.

But it has given the state a different flag, different constitution, different symbols, different emblem, different political status, etc and even a different Prime Minister in the previous days. This has taken the state totally off the mainstream development process.

Every year the central government aids the state crores of rupees for the development purpose but it's not able to make a reach to the general public. The separatists have washed the brains of the people and especially the youths to such an extent that they become ready to do stone pelting on the Indian army for a minimal amount of money.

stone pelting
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The youth of the state doesn't get a quality education and jobs due to the lack of industries there. And the only scope for the people for livelihood is tourism.

The world has to believe and there's not at all a single doubt to say that Kashmir is the heaven on Earth and the most beautiful place that exists but the wrath of terrorists and politics has jointly left nothing in destroying valley's beauty.

The disturbing acts take place time to time which led to birth the feeling of fear in tourists and deeply damage the only big source of income for the residents of Jammu & Kashmir.

The state is not only economically backward but also lacks its representation in several fields. And still the political parties of Jammu & Kashmir, as well as one sitting in Delhi and different corners of India, are not willing the articles to be expelled off form the constitution.

The regional political morons of Jammu & Kashmir like Farookh Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Umar Abdullah, etc who all have been chief ministers and claim themselves as the public representations have made nothing left in making their efforts in defending the articles.

Farookh Abdullah, Umar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti
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Note: I've not mentioned the name of some morons who have completed their journeys from the earth to hell so I'm sorry for that...

But the day of 5th August 2019 changed everything and the price it demanded to change was only and only the courage. The second Modi Government had Amit Shah on the chair of Home Minister which is a bit similar to see Sardar Patel on the Home Minister chair.

The Indians were excited after the deployment of army forces in the state, evacuation of tourists from the state as well as shorting off the Amarnath yatra, etc. The governor of the state and the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval also played an important role in the process.

As soon as the session of Rajya Sabha began today, Amit Shah introduced the Gazette of India by the President which claimed the abolition of Article 35-A which made the government move many bills in the parliament which scrapped the article 370 [other than its first section], reservation bill for unreserved categories in the state and reformation of the state into two new Union Territories namely Jammu & Kashmir [with legislature] and Laddakh [without legislature].

Amit Shah
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And after a heavy and loaded discussion & opposition, the bills were passed from Rajya Sabha. As soon as this news aired on the media, the whole India celebrated from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

The courage has resulted to change these six things:

  • Now Jammu & Kashmir will have no different constitution
  • Now Jammu & Kashmir will have no different flag
  • Now whole India will sing only one national anthem "Jana Gana Mana"
  • Now Jammu & Kashmir will have the same citizenship law as India
  • Now Jammu & Kashmir will have same ownership law as India
  • Now all the fundamental rights, as well as laws of the constitution of India, will be applicable in Jammu & Kashmir
And now India has been truly independent. The new political map of the state will be:

Division of J & K
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