Hyperloop Mumbai ∞ Pune: India to get the fifth mode of transport within a few years and it would be the fastest of all the existing modes of transportation...

Hyperloop India
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As we've discussed earlier for several times, that how transportation plays a crucial role in making India what it is on the daily basis and in fact the speed of economy depends on the speed of transportation.

There are presently four modes of transportation in India road, rail, air, and water. And everyday crores of people are moving from one place to another, the distance may be small or big but it makes a drastic effect in their lives.

No one can imagine a single day in their life without transportation, everyone has to be mobile to catch up with the common flow of society.

The punctuality is also a factor which plays an important role in the transportation field. For people, time matters too much and even seconds of delay can cause some severe losses. So everyone wishes that they be on time wherever they go.

So in punctuality is a factor which people keep in mind while choosing the mode of transportation. Everyone must have experienced some similar situation while traveling through any of the modes.

We know that Bullet train is gonna be operational in India between Ahmedabad & Mumbai and the initial stage of works have begun but it'll definitely take a bit longer to complete and its fares would be so high that will make it a common man a bit hesitate to pay.

Bullet train India
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It's okay with the thing that it will make the traveling time much short but anyway in a price-sensitive market like India people will take a while to accept it.

And suddenly we come to know about the fifth mode of transport and seriously it's the most amazing invention in the 21st century. Yaa I'm definitely talking about the hyperloop, the fifth mode of transport.

The inventors are testing on it for several months and bringing many developments into it. The talks of taking the project to the public with the governments of several countries and fortunately India is one of them.

Although they have planned many routes between several important cities but the plan for India is a bit more exciting and it between Mumbai & Pune.

Mumbai is the economic capital of India and housing the population in a large figure which makes it the most populated metropolitan region in the world and Pune is equally important too. But the geographical landforms between two cities make transportation by road or rail a tough job.

Hyperloop India route
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And even there are fewer flights available per day for a bit small route which makes the transportation stuff a bit challenging and exhausting due to the time it takes.

So introducing the hyperloop concept in this route will totally change the way people commute between this two cities and the more exciting thing is that the government of Maharastra is also taking a step forward by giving he infra status to this new technology.

The government of Maharastra led by Davendra Fadnavis has approved the project and it will cost a whopping amount of $10 billion. The first phase of the project which will be an 11.8 km route in Pune will be completed in 2 1/2 years and will be funded privately by DP World.

Hyperloop India
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And you will be shocked by hearing the possible traveling time through Hyperloop, it will be less than an hour!!! as the hyperloop pod will move at the speed of 1,200 km/hr.

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