Triple talaq: The passing of the "historic" ordinance from both of the houses of the Parliament of India is not at all less than the Independence day for the Muslim women...

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Islamism is one of the most prominent religious practices around the world by its billions of followers. There are over 1.8 billion followers of Islam all over the world which makes it the second-largest religion in the whole world after Christianity [1st] and before Hinduism [3rd].

Quran is the religious text of all the followers of Islam and they believe as it's revealed by their only god Allah, as the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, the religious text in Hinduism was revealed by Lord Krishna. And it's considered as the most peaceful & pure book in existence.

But its has been interpreted by several people claiming themselves as the Islamic religious leaders but they were actually the one who washed the brains of many to implement several practices claiming them as legal according to their religion's personal law but they were ironically against their religious text, Quran.

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And Triple Talaq is one of those practices, which has been practiced in Islam for thousands of years. Meanwhile, in this modern era, there are many Islam majority countries around the world like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Morocco, etc which shows a sign of liberalism and freeing of the minds of people from several manipulations made by some weak-minded people.

Also known as talaq-e-biddat is a practice among the Muslims which gives a right to any Muslim husband to divorce his wife just by orally saying or writing "talaq talaq talaq".

It's just horrible to imagine that if a husband is angry with his wife on any of the reason no matter small or big, he has got a full-proof right to divorce his wife at that instant just by repeating three words.

The anger could be just for any mistake in the household work or there are many cases coming into the limelight where the husband gives talaq to her wife for not bringing dowry or giving a baby girl and not a boy or any behavioral mistake or doing anything against the will of her husband.

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And in recent years the digitalization has also influenced the practice as now the husbands are just texting, sending a photo or an audio message or a video to divorce their wives.

No FIR, no criminal case, no arrests, no legal divorce papers, no court trials, no decision of the magistrate, no compensation or monetary help assurance after divorce and just the repentance of the mistake made for the rest of the life for Muslim women.

It kept happening in India since thousands of years and the women kept suffering the wrath of the evil ideology set in the minds of some predators in the Muslim community.

And none among the affected could even question such a brutal practice going on as the majority of the Muslim scholars [also can be called the Orthodox Muslims] and so almost the whole community claimed that the practice is legal as per the Quran is concerned.

But ironically they all are wrong and their arguments are fully off the mark as their holy book as well as the most peaceful & pure work of literature hasn't even a mention of the three divorces or the triple talaq but as stated in the beginning, the Quran and its teachings are manipulated and been used according to the personal, political, social and gender benefits.

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The practice of this couldn't be permitted at all in a democracy like India and that too in this modern era. Marriage is a pure bond of love between two souls for the rest of their lives and to face the problems collectively by being the strengths of each other.

Meanwhile, Indian politics and its so-called pioneer political parties have nothing to do with the humanitarian values and the pain of suffered Muslim women, they just see the entire Muslim community as a vote bank and do the politics of appeasement by letting the unlawful practices in the Islam being practiced.

They are just insulting the Quran, its virtues, ideas, and purity while on the other hand, harvesting votes from the brain-washed minded people to stay in power. This was only & only the reason why the minorities in India couldn't participate in a common flow, a uniform civil code which is common for each and every citizen regardless of any religion, caste, community, etc.

We all remembered the Shah Bano case, what happened after the supreme court judgment and the greatest insult of Indian democracy in the Parliament by the Rajiv Gandhi government. Nothing needs to be repeated.

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It's clear to us from that incident, that how our politicians remained greedy for their votes by keeping the democracy and humanitarian values into the corners of the Parliament library.

But everything has to end, the darkness has to diminish and the sun of justice has to rise. The first Narendra Modi government led many crucial steps towards the abolition & criminalization of the talaq-e-biddat.

They presented the bill in parliament in 2017 but it got rejected by the opposition political parties which. But the Modi government brought the ordinance to criminalize it in the year 2018.

After the period of ordinance ended, the bill was re-introduced in the Parliament in 2018 with some modifications and was passed in Lok Sabha where the government had the majority but it couldn't pass from the Rajya Sabha where the government was in minority.

Which led the government to bring the ordinance again in 2019. And then the Narendra Modi government was re-elected in 2019 general elections with the majority and in fact more in numbers than the previous term.

The Bill was again introduced in the first parliamentary session of the newly formed government and was passed from the Lok Sabha on 25th July 2019 as well as the Rajya Sabha on 30th July 2019. So after passing from both of the houses, it will go for the assent of the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind which will finally transform it into law.

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News of the passing of the bill spread a wave of celebration of Independence among all the Muslim women in the entire country. The day when the bill will become a law, it should be marked as a step forward for the establishment of a uniform civil code in India.

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