The Indian Forests: subjects which are strongly recommended to get your focus which will be a bit helpful to make your resolutions to control pollution...

The Indian Forests
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India has several landforms, from plateaus to mountains and from dry deserts to dense forests, we have many varieties in our kitty.

When the Indian subcontinent collided with Eurasia millions of years ago, Himalayas were formed and it led to the origin of several rivers, forests, lakes, etc in the northern & northeastern parts of our country.

And talking about the central & peninsular region as well as the surrounding areas, they are older than the Himalayas, which makes them rich in minerals.

Minerals make us remind about the forests and fertility. About 24.68% of the geographical region of our country which is 8,02,088 sq kms, is covered with forests.

But the amount of contribution which is made by our country annually in the pollution count seems desperate with the amount of forest patch in our country.

Deforestation is a very common word for us since our childhood and we know better its consequences but we feel helpless before the population bomb and need for suitable land to house them & for work.

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Cutting of trees might be beneficial for us in several ways but is truly very dangerous if we change our perspective to see it. Our small-small moves can collectively harm us in several ways in the future.

Forests are beneficial in endless ways other than just harnessing woods and fertile land. They keep the temperature in control, attract the clouds which cause rainfall, house several species of flora & fauna, give birth to many rivers and most importantly act as the lungs for the mankind and generate pure oxygen.

So it becomes much important to somehow stop the forest cover from degrading. It will also help us in the way to defend pollution. India has seen a subsequent rise in population since its independence which has resulted in the expansion of our cities & farms.

The evacuation of the forest cover has invited several "hydro-problems" like water scarcity, rise in temperature, less rainfall, unpure air, etc. And the days are not far when we would see animals coming out of boundaries of the forest in search of food.

Meanwhile, there are several continuous efforts been made by the power holders by the construction of several forest governing bodies and framing strict laws regarding the damages caused to forests.

And there are also several initiatives being undertaken by the government & other NGOs to increase the green belt by planting new trees.

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Almost all of the states are increasing their forest-covered land every year in small or big % figures. According to the given statements from the government of India, in the last 5 years, the forest cover of India has been increased by 15,000+ sq kms which has subsequently led to the increase in the count of several endangered animals like Tigers.

More in it, within the last five years about one crore trees, were permitted to get cut-off for several development works but the action was neutralized by planting at least 5 to 10 trees. So this maintained the stability, in fact, it has increased the area covered by trees and is expanding forests gradually.

Meanwhile, there are many tasks which need to be completed and the general public is also giving them a good response. And more in it, startups are also working on this subject by bringing many new ideas in practice.

They are working to increase the forest patch across the world and are hired by several companies to develop small forests within their places and proudly in India too there are similar ones.

So there's a need to focus on this subject too as it can definitely prove advantageous for us in the future, we can consider it as an investment which can never bankrupt us or give loss in return, it's gonna return only the profit to the upcoming generation...

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