Startups matter "more than we can wonder"!!!: how startups can play a key role in leading a nation like India, rapidly on the roads to become a superpower???

Startups in India
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India, the land of wonders is blessed through many perspectives by the creator. Diversity, culture, religion, etc are such aspects of our country which differentiate us widely with respect to the foreign countries.

We also have got an immense amount of resource which we're considering a future threat and strangely India is the only country to experience so.

But just wonder, what would it be? The answer is Population. India has the fastest rate of increase in the population. At every minute 34 births and 10 deaths take place in India. Meanwhile, India ticks in the second place, next to China in the population count, but it's gonna be first within a few years.

India Population
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Also, India is one of the youngest countries in the world having above 50% of the population below or equal to 25 years.

Now Indians are realising the future threats due to the rise in population and the glimpses shortage of space & resources are visible to us from now.

But that's not the actual problem or a real threat. We need to just change our perspective of thinking on this topic. Now for a while just forget the population problems, just read the points below and think...

We are one of the youngest countries on the globe and have the maximum number of youth population residing here. 
Now think that no-one among the youths has remained unemployed, everyone is doing work, no matter big or small, job or a business, male or female, skilled or unskilled. They are just adding many zeroes in our country's economy. 
Holding such a massive workforce India could generate income from each and every sector possible. But what about the market overseas? It would be a bit difficult for the young Indians and their young companies to make a way in such a vast market having end numbers of players. 
However, those competitors are some of the big brand-names like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Ford, Honda, Sony, Apple, PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, etc but although they were just a startup in their initial stage. 
They all made their way in the international market with totally a new idea [Ford, Microsoft, etc] or by solving a problem of people by their product [PayPal, Google, Amazon, etc] or by making the revolutionary changes in the market products [Honda, Apple, etc]. 
So why not startups, why not become an entrepreneur instead of a traditional businessman.

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There are many ideas but almost all of them are not so lucky to see the dawn of execution. India has many brilliant minds but there are several things like wider exposure, fundings, favourable facilities & laws in which improvement is needed.

If India's power holding & governing people focus a bit more than drastic changes can be observed and wonders are guaranteed.

And not each and everyone has to come on-board their own startup or ventures, just 10-15% visionary of youths with unique & revolutionary ideas.

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They alone can employ the remaining ones and built strong, hardworking & efficient teams. Startups can also save a huge amount of money going from India to overseas as a royalty for using their ideas.

Startups are the key to the door of exploration in every field possible and earning from them. Just an idea along with loads of faith & hard work integrated with a wish to do something for your country has the full potential to outperform several giants in the international giants.

Startups can create a monopoly of India in the international market and make India a manufacturing hub, not by inviting foreign companies to use our land but Indian companies & startups making their products on their own land, using the workforce of their country and at last earning the zeroes behind the figure of the Indian economy.

Indian economy
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This will have an effect on the standards of living of every Indian life. We will start innovating rather than thinking in the age-old lifestyle.

It will also put a subsequent increase in the literacy & health rates of our country which will forwardly decrease the population growth rate and the problem would get solved on its own. For it we need startups rather than population control laws.

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