Privatization of Railway services: what Would you like to travel through a public railway station in a public train managed by a private company???

Indian Railways
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India, since 1947 has been a center for attraction for the world. The subject or topic may be politics, population, business, agriculture, growth, entertainment, border clashes, diplomatic approach, international trade, calamities or any others. The list is endless which depict the country's potential.

Our country is much vast (7th largest by area) and likewise, it has a massive number of the population count and stands next to China in the race of population.

However, we Indians never like to be in the second place so we are gonna pull down China within a few years.

And with such huge residents, the country needs to be efficiently managed & governed in order to function the country properly holding a limited number of resources.

Transportation is a very important factor in the functioning of any country's economy, continuous mobility of men-traffic and most importantly placing a smile of satisfaction & convenience on every passenger.

And our country has built several records in the transportation field. With 59,03,293 km India has the second largest and most dense road network in the entire world.

While talking about the rail network, India stands at the fourth position holding the route-length of 67,368 km in total and giving employment to 1.4 million people.

Indian railways are yet ordinary in standard as compared to other foreign countries but we love our railways as they are an indispensable part of our lives and there's a unique feel of traveling in this ordinary railways which makes them extraordinary for us.

Indian Railways
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And undoubtedly the functioning of railways has such an impact on our economy that in a way our country's economy is mostly dependent on railways.

It's shocking to imagine all the trains just standing at the rail platforms & yards hammering the daily lives of almost every Indian.

So it's a huge responsibility for the government for its smooth mobility and proper functioning. So the governments and people holding power have appreciably done improvements in this mode of transportation specifically within the past decade.

However, there are several issues which are still can't be sought out by the Indian Railways. It may be the punctuality of trains, overcrowding, accidents on tracks and railway stations, pollution due to diesel engines, cleanliness, management, corruption, etc. The list is endless and so the responsible people are.

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And the current government has found a way to give the managing tasks in private hands. The Delhi-Lucknow Tejas express will be the first train to be run by private players.

Tejas Express
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It's said that the TATAs & company offered the government of India post independence to handle the operations of Indian Railways. It resembles us a completely different picture with far better quality and traveling experience.

It will surely improve the quality of railways and bring more investments but also lead to ticket price hikes which will critically affect the pockets of Indians and especially of the poor people. 

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