India and it's water crisis: although we see India in the race of becoming a superpower, we should also have a look at these shocking figures

India water crisis
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India, there's no problem in calling it the most religious country on the map of the world, the religion of any handpicked guy might differ but the faith in him can't be compromised. It'll be as high as the sky, as deep as the ocean, as dense as oil and as diverse as our country.

There are several religions followed in India. Their followers might be at the mammoth numbers or micro numbered too.

And undoubtedly, every religion teaches t respect nature and its valuable resources, even they are worshipped. For example in Hinduism, the term "Pancha-mahabhuta" which depicts five elements of nature namely- "Air", "Water", "Fire", "Earth" & "Space" are given the position of a god.

In the Zoroastrian religion, fire is worshipped as a god and pollution is assigned the place of the devil.

There are several other examples. And a country like India, having such a diverse population on a religious basis might be the most environment-friendly place to get a shelter. But unfortunately, the "might" can't at all be replaced with "is".

All rivers in India cover their surrounding area and feed the livelihood in the areas covered by them. Its called basin of rivers.

India river basins
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The standard of living in almost all cities can't have a match with foreign cities. And the main factor responsible for this low urban living standard is the urbanisation itself.

Urbanisation has many victims overseas too but the level of exploitation of nature in India is at its own high nowadays.

Although there's not a single natural resource left which can be used for human benefits. The most important natural resource which is way more important than a gift, an essential requirement for livelihood and also has too many advantages than we just think.

And it's also one of the most affected natural property due to the monster of urbanisation. Really by exploiting her priceless gifts, the sought of crudeness which we are giving in return to the mother earth is just un-imaginable.

We worship water and have assigned the position of goddesses to each and every river in India and that's too a reason that we pollute them too much with our blind faith by performing several rites on them.

The best example is the Ganga. In Hindu mythology it's water is considered as the purest and then to the government of India has to spend billions to clean it.

Polluted Ganga
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The situation is not just limited to the Ganga river. Every river has several pollution issues which change its picture gradually.

And several other factors like deforestation, global warming, etc have caused the shrinking of some of the widest rivers. The sources of rivers, whether they would be glaciers or rain or others. they are now not operating as per their time periods as well as parameters.

Every year, due to climate change the uneven distribution of water has drastically increased. We can see some examples within our country, the north-eastern states receive rainfall annually which has the highest measure in the world then too they face water crisis.

Whereas the states in western as well as southern India [peninsula] which are the hottest in summer receive uneven, sometimes less than essential and sometimes much less rainfall.

The northern states have most of the water sources and Himalayan ranges than to they face water crisis frequently.

Water crisis in India
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That sounds totally surprising that countries in the middle east like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, etc which receive much much less rainfall as compared to India then to they have never gone through water crisis in the recent years.

India's water resources are polluted to such a dangerous extent that today 21% of diseases are caused by the polluted water consumed by Indians.

Water crisis in India
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The extensive and most of the time, unwanted usage of water also switch to a potentially critical situation. Take a look at the water consumption system in India:

water usage system in India
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The farmers in the water surplus areas misuse water while irrigation whereas farmers in the dry region commit suicides due to water scarcities which lead to a huge loss.

Here's the line graph representing the suicide rate of farmers in India:

suicide rate of Indian farmers
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Our ears turn out dry when we hear that over 250 districts in India are on the verge of transferring into a drought-like situation.

There are many reservoirs all over the country which serve the farmers and common people in villages & cities with water for drinking & irrigating. They are 91 in total but 71 of them are suffering from low water levels.

The real picture is worse than we could assume. We must deeply & seriously think to tackle over this issue than urbanisation.

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