Golden age of Indian railways: know what are the changes taking place to brighten up the Indian railways' future

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We all know that how the railways play a crucial role in a country's economy and that too for India, it's not less than a heartbeat.

The growth rate of our country accelerates with parallel to the wheels of Indian railways. Other than just being a helping hand, it also provides employment to millions of skilled and unskilled people.

So it needs to be operated with excellence as well as being viable to each and every section of the country.

And the foreign railway systems are raising the bar too high that we can clearly see many issues to fix them up and there are many areas where we can improve a lot.

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And the government of India, under the leadership of Narendra Modi is definitely addressing them and there are some exciting moves to be made in future to make a way to those high bars.

Meanwhile, the expectations and goals are to high so it will definitely ask more investments and more time than the regular trends.

The whooping amount of RS 50 lakh crores will be needed to modernize the Indian railways till the year 2030.
- Nirmala Sitaraman, finance minister, India.
Nirmala Sitaraman
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So the corporatization factor is being planned to introduce in some sections of the Indian railways. The government will allow selected trains to be operated by private operators.

The same formula is being practiced in the operation of airports and it's been a hit show, so now the railways are getting ready to taste it.

And more in it, the Delhi - Lucknow Tejas express will be the first train to be operated by private operators.

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Looking more into the corporatization subject, the Indian railways are eying on the production formula for manufacturing the rolling stocks, locomotives & wheels.

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So they will be manufactured under the Indian Railway Rolling Stock Company (IRRC) which will be formed be merging the different units as a single company.

And more into it, the seven production units will be selected and corporatized.

The Indian railways are also planning to take the concept of digital India by providing free Wi-Fi connection to more 6,500 stations all over the country.

Railwire WiFi
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The timing issues and punctuality of trains have been a serious problem since India's independence and also to tackle it, now there's a plan.

The advanced signalling systems will be installed countrywide to direct the proper flow of trains and maintain their punctuality.

And more in it, the speed of trains running on the important routes between New Delhi - Mumbai and New Delhi - Howrah will be increased to 160 kmph to cut the travel time.

Meanwhile, the newspaper headlines indicates several times the accidents at manned railway crossing.

So to minimise them, the rail board is planning to eliminate all the manned railway crossings on the golden quadrilateral.

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