Elon Musk's Neuralink: in future your can get linked your smartphone through micro sized threads with your "brain"!!! but does it challenges the nature?

Elon Musk & Neuralink
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Elon Musk, just the two words are capable to say thousands of inspirational stories to inspire you in many ways. There's no doubt to call him one of the most famous entrepreneurs, the "superstar" tag could match his popularity, ambitions and vision.

He has inspired many great minds throughout the globe to do something out of the box and serve humanity as well as its transformation into a business. Basically, he has been successful in establishing himself as an entrepreneurial god.

He has established several ventures in his shining entrepreneurial span. It may be PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, solar city etc. Each one of them had a mission behind their creation and were aimed to ease the daily human lives.

And recently Elon Musk once again has surfaced the international platform with his new "brain"storming announcement under his 3-year-old venture namely "Neuralink".

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Let's discuss in brief about the history and aim of the neurotechnology company Neuralink. It was established in 2016 in order to develop implantable brain-machine interfaces to treat serious brain diseases in a short timespan.

It would happen by connecting disabled people's minds by external gadgets & softwares and help them to control their prosthetic arms & legs, mobiles & computers at broadband speed.

And in the past years since it's initialisation, it had done researches in the neurotechnology field and also established an animal testing facility to test their works.

On the night of Tuesday, 16th June 2019 was a big day for Musk and his Neuralink as they gave a presentation of their research work at California Academy of Sciences and the event was live-streamed. 

Neuralink event
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In that event, they presented their goal to bring enhancements in the neurotechnology field and for that, they have invented "Electrode Threads" which could be implanted in the human brain and connected to a tiny chip.

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The chip will then transfer information to a device placed near the ear and of course with a Bluetooth medium. It includes amplifying and then converting the electromagnetic signals from the neurons in the brain to binary signals.

And finally, the whole system will be controlled by an app supportable in iPhone. There's also an interesting innovation in the threads.

Previously the electrodes were inserted in the human skull were comparatively of a bigger size as compared to the electrodes invented by Neuralink. They are of a 1/10th size of human hair. They have a width of 4-6 ┬Ám.

entire system
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They will be inserted totally by a robot by drilling through the human skull just 2mm deeper. Neuralink is also planning to insert threads through laser technology rather than drilling.

But overall this thing is just amazing and can miraculously solve the problems of targeted patients which are aimed by the company to get till 2020's end.

Meanwhile, there are several questions being raised against this innovation by several people worldwide.

As it involves the information transformation through Bluetooth, the radiations will be very harmful to the brain and will cause serious issues in future.

The insertion of threads in the skull could damage the blood vessels and neurons in the brain. It can also increase the threat to the privacy of information in the human brain as it's wireless so can be stolen too.

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