Avishkar Hyperloop: the team of India's visionaries had a "admirable" conversation with the legend himself "Elon Musk"

Avishkar Hyperloop
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Elon Musk with avishkar Hyperloop
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We previously had discussed regarding the new education policy of India that's gonna be implemented in the near future which had the encouragement to research works targeted at the centre.

IITs are accepted as well as proved one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of technology and get skilled some of the best technicians in the world.

But other than it's students getting into a MNC with a 7 figure salary, there are also their colleagues who make rare choices, the path of research.

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The Indian society values more an engineer from IIT doing a well paid job rather than a guy with same qualification from the same institution doing deep research works.

But the irony is that those researchers are writing the pages of future with golden handwritings.

It's regretful that we Indians didn't considered the researchers as important as the well paid servants.

Meanwhile the IITs and several other institutions (no matter how's their size) have dome recommendable efforts in letting the researchers come up into the nation's attention.

Meanwhile, not just from the institutions but also the common citizens are also coming with life changing inventions.

And importantly talking about the life-changing inventions there's just a single mention, Hyperloop [fifth mode of transport].

Virgin Hyperloop
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It's something craziest a human being has ever come up with and if it's gonna be real (undoubtedly) then it'll change the way humans commute between far-off places.

And recently, Elon Musk moving one step forward had organised a competition for the pod of Hyperloop on 21st July in Los. Angeles

It was also dubbed as "SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition 2019".

From all over the world over 1,600 teams had participated among which top 21 teams were selected for the finals.

And it's proud moment for we Indians that the team from IIT Madras' Centre For Innovation [CFI] successfully made it in the finals.

The team is named as "Avishkar Hyperloop" and led by a second year M.tech student Suyash Singh and other IITans.

The team had presented thir project on a fully autonomous & self propelled Hyperloop pod fully designed & developed in India.

Avishkar Hyperloop
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Although, the competition was won by the Technical University of Munich, the team of Indian gems successfully gained everyone's attention there.

Elon Musk and Josh Geigel, the co-founders of Virgin Hyperloop one were impressed by the work of our students. Even Elon Musk had personally praised whole team.

This can be considered as a mammoth achievement of India in the research field and also an inspiring story for other students.

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