Akshaya Patra foundation: the non-profit organisation working selflessly for the mid-day meals for millions of students in India...

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Earth has been divided in hundreds of nations having different types of residents, culture, law, languages, living standards, skills, assents, etc.

But there are some things which remain universal like everyone need water, oxygen, food and shelter to remain alive. Likewise, the definition of humanity remains same everywhere.

The difference is seen just in the approach. Some have a very very harsh approach towards the criminals while some are comparatively liberal.

Democracy means the independence enjoyed by people but sometimes they feel even more restricted as compared to monarchs.

In this case India has been the winner. We Indians have taught the world that how a country with largest count of democratic population in the entire world is governed.

And taking about the humanity then we Indians are obviously world famous for our kind gesture.

It's not just a statement but the real fact. In fact, we Indians consider our guests equal to the god, no matter from where they may be, what's their background, etc.

India is such a vast country and with a different kinds of people, so it's producing many volunteers those who are ready to work selflessly for humanity.

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There's an heart touching example of such an organisation which had made an mythological component from Hinduism a reality and it's open to feed millions of childrens since 19 long years.

I think you must be definitely got the exact thing just from my clues. It's the "Akshaya Patra foundation".

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The organisation established in 2000 with a wonderful motto to feed the students all over the country.

It's slogan is unlimited food for education. It feeds total 17,62,133 students with their delicious, hygienic and nutritious vegetarian food daily.

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The organisation has played a major role in the implementation of mid-day meal programme in India.

It has a vast network of kitchens and thousands of people getting employment under it. It also has a good distribution facility which gives the organisation a wider approach.

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It's headquartered in Bangalore and had a wide network of regional branches in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Gujarat, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Tamilnadu. It's also spread till USA and UK.

It was founded by the visionary Saint, Madhu Pandit Dasa who was allocated with India's 4th highest civilian award, Padma Shri recently.

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The mammoth organisation has got an executive face of Shridhar Venkat. He's the CEO of the foundation since 2014.

The organisation is the best example of public-private partnership. It receives funds from all over the world.

And this is the sign of humanity which has made people to donate to the organisation doing the work of humanity, no matter who or from where they are.

To donate any amount click on the link below and keep in mind that your humanitarian gesture matters more than the numbers.

To donate click the link below:

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