A Watery solution: PM Modi in his second term has commenced the march of nation to get rid over countrywide water crisis

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In our previous blog, we've discussed regarding the present water crisis through which our country is suffering. We also came across some shocking figures which clearly depicted how the situation has gone worse.

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India undoubtedly has a potential to become a superpower but there are still many problems lying in our path which are presently acting as obstacles for us and in the near future they will transform into poisonous thorns if they won't get addressed properly.

The issue was raised, highlighted and importantly discussed in the last NITI Ayog meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi among other respective members.

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Meanwhile, in the previous decades to the particular issue didn't come into limelight and was always neglected over some burning topics like poverty, education, employment, etc.

But if the past power holding authorities would have focused on it, then the present picture would have been much better.

However, PM Modi was successful to highlight this issue before the election results through the election manifesto commonly dubbed as "Sankalp Patra" of his party BJP.

It sited that a new ministry to particularly address the water department will be formed, named as "Jal shakti mantralay". And after the specular victory in the 2019-general election, PM Modi followed his promise and fulfilled his promise.

Jal shakti mantralay
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Forwardly the ministry was created and given the status of cabinet level. The cabinet minister responsible is Gajendra Singh Shekhawat while the minister of state is Rattan Lal Kataria.

It came into the headlines soon after its formation. And the target of  Modi to make India a $5 trillion economy by 2024 also provided a deadline for the ministry for tackling the water crisis.

And finally, the water ministry came up with the target after the NITI Ayog meeting to provide clean piped water to each and every house till 2024 and named the program as "Har Ghar Jal".

However, PM Modi stated that it's not just a program but a mission. The integrated effort of the government and the public can gain our country relief from water crisis and accelerate on the road of becoming a $5 trillion economy.

We all know how PM Modi had launched Swatchh Bharat mission in his first term. It was widely accepted in the entire country which transformed it into a movement and was also successful in changing the mindset of Indians.

Swatchh Bharat mission
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It taught us that "Cleanliness matters too!!!"

And we've seen in the last 5 years that how the picture has changed rapidly and made us more conscious regarding cleanliness and using toilets too. It's astonishing to hear that in 2014, there was 33% toilet coverage which has now increased to 99%!!!

Morely, the government had also launched the saubhagya mission in its previous tenure, which targeted to provide electricity connection to all the houses and it's on the verge of its completion. It's able to complete rapidly just because of the approach and attention it got.

So the government wants to repeat the same thing now and this time by providing piped water to all the houses and making its coverage to 100% by 2024.

piped water
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There are other plans too in the checklist of the water ministry. Other than providing water to every house, its also planning to spread awareness among people regarding water conservation, water management, etc.

Meanwhile, in making the Swatchh Bharat Mission the volunteers had a very important role. So likewise the ministry is planning to give a volunteer approach in spreading the awareness.

How the word "Jal-doot" would sound for volunteers?...

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