T series: witness the rise of the International pride of India from a local cassette vendor to the world's most subscribed YouTube channel... all credits to the godfather, Gulshan Kumar

Gulshan Kumar & T series
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Business and destiny, both are deeply interconnected to each other, whether you feel it or not it's true. Practical people say that it's nothing to do with your destiny, it's only and only your hard work which makes you successful but it's not that simple.

Your destiny also plays a very important role in your success but you never come to know it previously before the stuff happens. So it's said that there's zero to the infinite probability that your luck matters. But after all, you yourself, write your destiny.

Destiny does not serve everyone equally, there's no democracy in this case. As everyone is not the same, so is their destiny.

The best example of this, the world has seen and fortunately from India, the legendary businessmen of the music industry of India.

"Gulshan Kumar Dua" and his child the "T series", the name itself has a feeling of relief and peace which was the man itself. The success story of Kumar is definitely an inspiring, religious, emotional, and lastly an entrepreneurial genre.

Gulshan Kumar
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On 5th May, he was born up in the family of a local juice vendor in Dariyaganj, Delhi. He was a religious person since his childhood and a strong devotee of Lord Shiv. He actively helped his father in his juice selling business.

His family then bought a shop which sold audio cassettes in Delhi. This was his first step by which he entered the music industry and eventually the entertainment industry.

His destiny at the end took him to the top and owner of the music empire.

He, then never looked back. He established a company called "Super Cassettes Industries" or SCI [to which we know today as T-series] in 1983 in Delhi which started its operations by selling the pirated copies of Bollywood songs before their official release.

Super Cassettes Industries
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This earned him a huge profit as the market was flooded with his pirated cassettes due to the high demand for cassette music. He was criticised much but the backdoors of the law proved beneficial for him and his business boomed.

Further, he started producing his own music from his music production company in Noida. His strong devotion to Lord Shiva and huge business opportunities made him record his devotional songs and selling them.

His immeasurable success made Mumbai-the city of dreams call him. Mumbai opened the doors wide of the music industry for him.

He then began producing the soundtracks of Hindi feature films. Their debut in the Bollywood music industry was in 1984 by the film Lallu Ram. 

Their first blockbuster venture was the music production of the 1988 film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak which became one of the best selling music album of the decade.

Their affordable prices were one of the key reason which gained Kumar widespread popularity in the entertainment world.

Forwardly, T series produced the music of several feature films like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Tridev, Dil, Sadak, Sirf Tum, Vaastav: The Reality, etc. The 90's established T series as the leading music production company.

Apart from the remarkable success in the musical world, Kumar breakthrough in the movie production. He began the journey of T-series films by ventures like  Aashiqui, Bahar Aane Tak, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi, Sangeet, etc.

The destiny of the man had given him more every time than he expected but it was gonna ask for too. On the morning of 12th August 1997 just at the age of 41, he was brutally shot by two contract killers outside the Jeeteshwar Mahadev Mandir in Andheri West of Mumbai.

Gulshan Kumar's death
Image Credit: India Today
Gulshan Kumar's death
Image Credit: India Today

The lord of which he strongly worshipped, outside his temple he was assassinated. This was a huge shock for not only the Bollywood music and film industry but the whole country connected with him through the cassettes was deeply shocked.

The T series empire was taken over by his son, Bhushan Kumar and brother Krishan Kumar. Gulshan Kumar left the world but his child, the "T series" empire continued to grow.

The new century brought new hopes for the brand and the growth responded it. They witnessed some of the major blockbuster music albums like Kaho Na... Pyaar Hai, Mai Hoon Naa, Tere Naam, Krish, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Om Shanti On, Heyy Babyy, Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini, Golmaal Returns, 3 Idiots, etc.

And in the year 2006, they established a YouTube channel and started marking their wide presence from late 2010. They gradually built the multi-channel network on YouTube which includes 29 channels targeting the audience of different languages, age groups, etc.

And in the 20's they also started increasing their presence by producing music as well as movies more than their past years. This increased its total market share too.

Today, it's India's top music company holding 60% of market share, after Sony Music India & Zee Music.

And since 2016, it grew at a very fast rate on youtube on the basis of the number of subscribers as well as views also. Excluding India, it began to have a vast network of viewers & subscribers overseas.

In the following years after 2016, it entered in the list of most subscribed & viewed channels of YouTube. Several international channels like PewDiePie, MrBeast, etc were its competitors.

And finally, since 26th March, it has maintained the topmost place on YouTube with the tag of most subscribed as well as the viewed channel. It has above 102Million+ subscribers and 73Billion+ views which also earned them a record in Guinness Book.

Late Gulshan Kumar and Bhushan Kumar
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