Political violence: when the power-greed becomes blind, deadly manhunts take place in which judiciary doesn't have a say...

political violence
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India, the land of diversity where the languages & culture vary from place to place, all the 29 states & 7 UT's have their own uniqueness, the place of origin of four major religions of the world namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism & Sikhism and also the land which has the tag of largest democracy in the world.

One should be proud to be a unifying element which gives strength to the building of Nation. The diverse beliefs of people are the sign that how strong is the base of democracy.

These beliefs can have the base of religion, politics, social groups, castes, religious communities, etc each of them have their specific believers and they follow certain rules framed for them.

But this diversity sometimes invites some serious problems which are hard-hitting for each and every unifying element which forms the nation.

And among all bases on which beliefs are divided, politics has undoubtedly the potential to overcome the rest of the factors and in the present, its potential is proven.

political violence
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In fact, there's not a single place left where politics has made its way. Whether it would be religion, caste, etc, the innocent believers are now just limited to become a puppet, which dances the way his master wants.

Politics has now become an occupation in our country and the value of a leader is measured by the number of his followers rather than his values.

In fact, the leaders & key people of the different areas of our belief which have their common ends with politics on the back-doors are the silent hypnotizers.

Simply they all are the subsidiaries of one master, politics. No matter, you believe or not the politicians have the strings in their hands which in fact are branched, looped & interconnected to each other which directly or indirectly control our public activities.

political puppet
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The power hungry politicians can go on their lowest manners possible, for their power gains. We sometimes wonder that what might be the cause of such public violence, riots, etc.

This all have their links with politics. You feel it opposing your feelings and beliefs but it's a harsh truth and I bet on it.

However, religious riots have decreased presently but the political violence events are on high.

It seems just insane that people become ready to perform killings, violence, etc and fearlessly disobey the law publically. Then too they suffer from no judicial proceedings, often even with not a single FIR on them.

They might be doing so for money or under certain helplessness or even on a single wish of their leader. This is, however, a glimpse of the dark side of democracy.

politics dark side
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The political violence has also other forms other than just the group of goons. The events like police brutality, civil war, etc.

The history of political violence has its deep roots in ancient India also. The events like the deadly "Jallianwala Baugh Massacre" can be one of the exact examples.

We, the common people can find out the solution as the culprits are people among us. The aims of politicians can't be changed but just we can stop from being their puppets.

The notable reasons for such brainwashing of people are unemployment, low literacy, discrimination on the grounds of religion, caste, colour, gender, etc. This fuel up the fire of politician's greeds and enable the desperate ones to violate the law fearlessly.

Stop poltical violence
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Note: the above views are completely on a personal basis. Our aim is not to harm any religion, political party(s), religious groups, caste, social group(s), organisation(s), public figure(s), etc. So, therefore, we don't claim, if anyone feels offended.

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