Nikola Tesla's electric car: dive deep into the first and only "batteryless" electric car of which no one was notified or even talked about it for several decades....

Nikola Tesla with his electric car
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The World today is just fed up by the pollution problems and none is left who's directly or indirectly just suffering. And there's the only crime for which no one can blame others, "pollution".

We all know the cause and consequences but then too we can't tare apart our ways with the use of combustible fossil fuels.

However, there are several companies as well as startups coming up with electric vehicles aiming to replace the fossil fuel vehicles with the electric ones but in the conservative countries like India, their ways are more difficult.

We mistook that the electric era is "new". Meanwhile, the fact is that before the fossil era humans witnessed the electric era which just vanished before coming into concrete existence.

Just wonder,

  • What if humans from the beginning, used electric cars instead of the fossil one?
  • What if the electric cars were produced on a mass basis from the beginning instead of the fossil one?
  • What if the fossil car industry didn't get the funds in its initial years?
  • What if the initial investors in the automobile industry preferred the electric model instead of the fossil one?
The answers will definitely shock you. The pollution levels wouldn't rise till the highest extent, people wouldn't be dependent on others for the fuel, the economy of over populous countries like India would have a totally different picture.

But it's not the way easy, the same situation can't revisit us. There were even more shocking events as well as inventions which took place before the automobile industry bloomed up.

electric car
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Attention... [shocking revelations ahead]

  • What if the electric cars would run without charging?
  • What if the electric car invented by Nikola Tesla the great would be manufactured on a large scale?
This becomes even more astonishing to wonder.

And even with the name of Mr Tesla, it hits very hard to the hearts of his followers. It's true that he was never ever given the deserved credit, some of his revolutionary innovations even not have a documental proof today.

He was never well received by his competitors because in front of his works they would never get noticed. Tesla's inventions were just way ahead of his time. He was even more credible scientist than Newton, Einstien, Edison, etc.

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Some scientists like Edison even campaigned against him and left nothing in criticising his works. Just think that the inventor of wired telephone communication is criticising the works of the inventor of wireless communication.

It's a shame for mankind that Tesla was even not funded for his researches in wireless communication as it might harm the pockets of some morons.

Just the crown on "The father of electricity is not enough". He deserved way more attention but it was not in his destiny.

prophet vs profit
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And talking about his electric car, he invented the car which ran on cosmic rays which can be also called a "battery-less" electric car!!!

In 1931 he got a Pierce-Arrow car which had a gasoline [petrol] engine and replaced by an AC electric motor. It didn't need any source externally to power it.

He made a circuit box measuring 24 x 12 x 6 inches containing vacuum tubes, resistors & wires as well as two rods of three inches coming out of it.

The circuit box was, in fact, a radio wave receiver or an amplifier and the rods were electric terminals and the system was powering an AC motor, which received power [radio waves] from the surrounding through car's antenna. 

This would power the electric car without getting plugged regularly. Tesla drove it for over a week without charging it and it even caught up the speed of 90 miles per hour!!!

And this invention story is often considered as a "hoax" today because the fossil conservative morons are not available with the documental proofs even if it's true that Mr Tesla talked about it on his 76th birthday party.

nikola tesla
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However, talking about the early & "proved" electric cars, what happened to them. The concept couldn't bloom in the automobile industry and the fossil era began.

It's also said that the legendary businessman Henry Ford bribed the venture capitalists for not funding the initiatives of manufacturing electric cars on large scale and funding the fossil engined cars' production instead.

And to believe this also mankind wants "proof" as in the case of Nikola Tesla's "battery-less" electric car. 

But now, it's all past. For me, it's wise to celebrate and admire "Nikola Tesla The Great" instead of remembering some moron industrialists.

 "Nikola Tesla The Great"
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