Modern Science: does the replacement of word "Modern" with "Ancient" changes the meaning of this phrase???

Modern Science
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Today, humans are the creators, believers, followers & explorers within modern science which we study daily in our scholastic syllabus, that how they were invented, what was the cause, where's it obeyed, what are the unexplained points, etc.

The tireless work of some iconic scientists is truly visible and widely appreciated today. Presently none can imagine her/his life without their inventions, theories, laws, principles, etc.

If all these stuff gets wiped out just with a snap than it would be the event which will invite the stone age again to the earth. We are dependent on it on such an extent that the separation would be very harsh.

Today's time is just practical. We believe in the things which we can confirm with our senses and which can be also proved by our Science and not just only based on our blind belief.

belief & truth
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If Science proves it then it's possible otherwise it's a myth. We have made it very very simple. We have a habit to judge things through the lens of science.

It's true that everything can be proved by science but here's a catch. What if a day comes when all the international science organisations decide to change the basic data from the modern theories with the ancient one?

There, we will not have names like Newton or Einstien or others. The harsh and unlikable truth is that whatever the inventions, theories, laws, principles, etc given by our scientists have been mentioned or discovered by the people, thousands of years ago but they never came in the limelight.

Ancient discoveries
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But the changing time has diminished their contribution and all the credits are being delivered to the scientists who have just re-invented or re-discovered the stuff.

Leave the full credit, there's not even mention of the ancient inventors and their works. They are not given equal credit share.

There's everything we study today within the umbrella of our so-called "Modern Science" mentioned in the ancient documents of all the cultures like the Vedas, Pail literature, Sinology, Greek studies, Bon, Alchemy, etc

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Several studies are even destroyed in the past in order to take over fame.

I mean whatever we use widely today like:

  • Aeroplanes [Similar mentions can be found in the Vedas]
  • Missiles [Tipu Sultan the true missile man, also the missile theory is mentioned in our Vedas]
  • states of matter [earlier they were 5 elements of nature & they're not changed today also, just they are seen with a different lens]
  • Medicines [all the medicines we use today were invented a long ago, just the source was different]
  • Medical services or everything in the Current Procedural Terminology [all the so-called "advanced" procedures practised today has a very rich past record of practice]
  • And so on... the list can't end
And talking about the seriously "new" inventions, then their inventors were just kept aside of the limelight and their inventions, theories, laws, principles, etc which were way ahead of their time, are not given the mentions which they truly deserve.

I talked here about Mr Nikola Tesla, "The Great".

Nikola Tesla "The Great"
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Their works were copied, rejected, laughed off, etc but their spirit is alive today also and none of those "Modern Science" believers can neglect it.

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