Indian space station: The words of ISRO chief have filled an immeasurable excitement among the Indians... as now India aims to set a space station

ISRO chief
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On this Thursday, "गुरुवार " means the day of guru (the popular expert), India has proved that she is the next space guru and it's just clear by ISRO's massive targets in future.

Actually, on 13th June 2019, the ISRO chief K Sivan addressed a press conference along with Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State at Prime Minister's Office [PMO].

The core topic of the press meet was the discussion regarding the next launch gonna conducted by ISRO, namely the chandrayaan-2 as well as the project development of  India's upcoming human mission namely gaganyaan.

Talking about the much awaited as well as delayed Chandrayaan-2 mission, it will be launched on 14th July from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

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Its launch will be conducted by the GSLV Mk 3 rocket launch vehicle. The mission also has the other integrated units which comprise of a lander [Vikram] as well as a rover [Pragyan].

The rover which will be AI-powered will land on the surface of Moon on 6th of September and India will become a fourth country to do so after the Soviet Union, USA and China. 

Meanwhile, this moon mission will be the cheapest one among all of its kind. In fact, its budget [$ 141 million USD] is less than the space sci-fi film Interstellar [$ 165 million USD]!!!

Check it out for more details:

Chandrayaan 2: ISRO's most awaited wonder to finally fly in July and this time it will land a rover other than just orbiting around the moon...

The topic of ISRO's man mission called "Gaganyaan" was also discussed. It's aimed to launch in 2022, on India's 75th Independence Day.

And the selection of two to three crew members for the mission is going on and the names will be declared in a few months. They will undergo training for 1 to 1.5 years in India as well as outside India [probably in Russia].

Meanwhile, the Central Govt has approved a Rs 10,000 cr budget for the mission which will take trip 2-3 crew members to space for 7 days in the 300-400 km Lower Earth Orbit [LEO].

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And while this discussion was going on, the ISRO chief K Sivan kept forward ISRO's biggest mission and the country was left in awe.

He revealed that the space organisation is planning for making up "India's own Space Station".

He said that India is not interested in being the part of the ISS [International Space Station] so we will have our own!!!

Meanwhile, ISRO was working on this stuff silently for the last three years and the detailed report will be submitted to the central government post the launch of the Gaganyaan mission.

The space station, as the ISRO chief said will be not much big in the size, weighing only twenty tonnes, in which an astronaut could survive for 15 to 20 days.

It will be used to conducted microgravity tests in space. It's planned to be ready within seven years post the Gaganyaan's launch.

ISRO's future plans
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ISRO has several other important and extraordinary missions in the queue like Aditya ls-1, Mars mission-2, Venus mission, etc.

The space station has still many years to get ready but this announcement has created a sought of buzz & excitement among the Indians and especially among the youths.

India will be the third country to do so after the ISS [International Space Station] and Chinese Space Station.

This step is definitely gonna prove a pathbreaking initiative for India and its space program which is operated by the world's most successful as well as globally reliable space agency called the Indian Space Research Organisation [ISRO].

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