USA news: bloodshed at Charlotte's North Carolina University campus... took lives of 2, injured 4

University of North Carlonia in Charlotte
image credit: MSN
USA, the superpower is known for almost everything.

But yesterday a shocking event happened in the city of Charlotte in the North Carolina province. It was the time of twilight when a student holding a gun shot 6 people on the spot.

The horrific event happened around 5:40 pm EDT at the University of North Carlonia in Charlotte [UNCC].

At 5:50 pm EDT, the college management alerted the people at the campus through a tweet siting "Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately".

college alerted students
image credit: UNCCharlotteNews

The shooting hospitalised all the 6 victims, among which, two died in the way to the hospital and three others were very badly injured & are in critical condition now. One will now suffer non-life threatening injuries.

The "school shooting" took place in the classroom!!! on the last day of spring semester classes when the students were giving their final presentation.

The classroom is located in Woodford A Building in the UNCC campus. The UNC Charlotte Police took immediate action and arrested the suspect.

He was identified as Trystan Terrell, who was a 22-year-old undergraduate in History from UNCC and dropped out in early 2019.

image credit: WSOC-TV

This might be new for countries like India, Japan, etc but this type of mass shootouts are common in USA.

In 2019, just four months have passed and in these four months alone 105 such mass shooting accidents took place which took lives of 120 people and injured 383 people.

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