Train 18: India's baby steps towards developing a "homeland " railway technology have speed up... and each move has proven a milestone!!!

train 18
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People overseas definitely must be wondering every time that "how India can do it?!!", "how can they make it possible?!!" and many more horrifying questions.

Indians are just incredible and so their skills as well as capabilities. We have several resources which make other countries extremely jealous.

India is the youngest country and has the potential to produce a kind of workforce which will be unbeatable qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

We all are aware of a factor that India is still dependent on foreign countries for several things whether they would be goods, technologies, beverages, etc.

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We have not had our originals. India invented but can't attract the eyes of other countries on a very large scale.

Yaa, there are some originals like Infosys, Micromax, etc but they are in a very low number and cant equally make a space in their own country's market.

We are also dependent on other countries for advanced technologies like bullet trains, warfare, etc and spend a huge amount of money to import them.

Meanwhile, talking here about the railways, the bullet train is all set to be set up in India between the two Indian metro cities namely Ahmedabad & Mumbai and the initial works have been kicked off and it's targeted to be completed in 2022.

However, India is importing that technology too, from Japan. We are importing the weapons like Rafale, Apache, etc for our country's warfare from other countries.

But there's also a very bright ray of hope visible. India in recent years has seen many startups and their amazing products for several years but this year they have produced something which we could expect to arrive in future.

And the government alongside the startups is also trying to make India richer in its original products. We all are proud to be a citizen of a country which employs the largest number of people in its railways which has also the world's fourth-largest network.

indian railway
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India makes its own railway coaches and has many manufacturing units countrywide. Moreover, India is one of the largest manufacturers of railway coaches.

But that's not all. The coach we make are very old fashioned and affect transportation convenience of passengers by many factors.

So under the Make in India program and personal interest of the Government of India the Integral Coach Factory [ICF] in Perambur, Chennai has entirely designed and built India's fastest train!!!

India was privileged to have witnessed the launch of a fully made in India semi-high speed intercity electric multiple unit called "the train 18" also dubbed as "Vande Bharat Express".

It was flagged off by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15th February 2019 at the New Delhi Railway Station and the destination of the train was 758.8 km away Varanasi Junction which it can cover in 8 hours.

train 18
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On the very first sight, it seems that we are in some foreign country's train. It seems totally imported one which is the biggest success of ICF.

It was entirely planned and erected in just 18 months which is itself a record. It has been tagged India's fastest train and has replaced the Shatabdi Express in the record.

It's trial speed has been 200 km/h, operates at a speed of 130 km/h & is capable to operate at 150 km/h. It can be reportedly made and operated at a 40% lower cost than the similar trains in foreign countries.

And that's the reason which has made the entire nation to look at it. The deployed train running between New Delhi & Varanasi has been a very successful run and another route between New Delhi & Mumbai has also been proposed to be initiated.

The success of Indian Railways is much much brighter, that it has caught up the attention of several foreign countries in the South-East Asian as well as South American nations have shown interest in it and will import them.

train 18
Image Credit: Zee Business

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