The Great Indian Politics: simply take a glance at an element which might ne'er be drained from the beats of Indian politics

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Politics, it's the world which is more glamorous as well as darker even than the entertainment industry. And for India and also for its tag of largest democracy, politics has just not left any corner to fit into.

It has made space like water in the hardest thing possible. Today through a special lens called Chanakya neeti, we can differentiate politics from other things.

By doing so we may shockingly find out that we are also a part of and feel absolutely helpless to escape out from it. In fact, politics has made its ways into our homes, damn it.

We can't run away from it and should never think to do so as without it, there's a nil space for a human being in the society.

Politics is like a thing that can ever be described in a word by the most intelligent person possible on earth.

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It's a type of subject which can never be fully studied as it's getting constantly updated by our so-called savvy politicians by their games on the field.

The list of factors contained in it is endless namely religion, caste, region, colour, nationalism and so on. In fact, a new one can be added easily.

Today we will discuss here a factor mistakenly written by the group freedom fighters on the blackboard of the Indian politics, which can never be wiped by any possible duster

And it's termed as "Dynasty politics", "familyism" as well as "nepotism" for sure.

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It's not written but actually painted and acts as a guideline for anything written on the board. I have no need and reason to name some of them, you are smart enough to point them out.

It happens several times that people are not eager about several decisions, moves, results, etc. We feel that we know it that this is gonna happen, the thing is fixed. Even no-one even bets on it.

India has been passed through several harsh treatments by several groups of leaders who represent their followers in the temple of democracy.

According to themselves, they are clearly just doing a business of trust, expectations, promises, etc they have made to their voters wearing the mask of democracy.

And they want to scale up their startup in the politics as well as widen the base by applying huge manpower behind it.

And the manpower should be absolutely this business is very risky and there are wolves waiting for power at every spot so someone trustworthy should be used off, so the family members are brought up at the forefront.

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And the trusts are often turned into the biggest mistakes, the successors accept or snatch the power. Those families may be among the dynasties of the princely states who were given space in Indian politics by some of our "so-called" freedom fighters.

It was happening for thousands of years when we look in our history, that the transfer of power has been always and always been of the family basis. There were only some exceptions which didn't follow the trend.

However, those acceptions have risen to a pretty good number in recent days but are not so impressive. India is still crawling to achieve democracy regarding this factor.

Including politics, the phrase "nepotism" exists in each and every field possible in high or low proportions.

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India still awaits for that brightest sunshine when the treatment would be on the basis of skills as well as the talent of that person and not on the basis of his/her surname.

...Jai Hind...

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