Sonic: The hype is real!!! The Trailer of 'Sonic: The Hedgehog' is here!!!

A Still From The Trailer.

The first looks of the old 90's game are here!!!

Behold 'Sonic: The Hedgehog' the trailer has been out now for a while and some of the best actors in a cast of it.

The first video game was released on June 23rd,1991.

The world has been leaping forward in all the field especially gaming after the success of Player Unknowns Battle Ground [PUBG] all over the world.

As you would know by now the character we are discussing let's go deep in it.

Sonic is a hedgehog with the ability to run at lightning fast speed and to overcome obstacles to save himself.

There is also a split second move in the movie when the time becomes as slow as nothing when the missiles are being launched at sonic. by this, e can say about how much the character is fast.

so when talking about any movie there is always a good guy and a bad guy.

obviously, the good guy is sonic but when talking about the bad guy we are greeted with none other than Jim Carrey.

The Boss After All!!!
Here we see him in the new avatar after the last I guess I have seen him in the Ace Ventura: The Pet Detective.

What's your name colonel?
 Wait nobody cares!!!

With fun and the humour of the Jim Carrey packed in the villainous plot and sonic to save the world from this villain this will be more of an action-packed nostalgic film from paramount.

With the release date in the month of November, the movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures. We will see some of the best moments of our childhood and will bring happiness remembering those moments.

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