NEET: Addressing and understanding the situation of Odisha candidates, NTA reschedules the test in the state of Odisha... new date to be announced soon

neet delayed in odisha
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The super cyclone FANI has just rocked the eastern coast and especially the state of Odisha has suffered the most.

The winds with a speed of 230 km/hr the landfall started from Puri's coast and caused breathtaking destruction in the entire state. The cyclone resulted in severe damages including uprooting several trees, old buildings, roofs, temporary shops, etc.

It has left people in desperation and in want of basic amenities in the modern world like electricity, internet, etc.

It was obvious that the timing of the cyclone will definitely affect the scheduled NEET exams and the candidates of Odisha will suffer the most. It will take a while for them to come out of the deadly memories of the distracting cyclone.

So the government of Odisha, as well as the NSUI [National Students Union of India], requested the NTA [National Testing Agency] to

postpone the NEET exam for the candidates of the Odisha state only.

So NTA immediately released the public notice on their website citing that the exams are rescheduled for Odisha ensuring that the new dates will be announced as soon as possible.

Take a look at the public notice:

public notice
Image credit: NTANEET

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