ISRO news: ISRO's new Risat-2BR1 aka "eye within the sky", to be launched on twenty second May... [know it's special features]

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Indian surveillance services are going day by day on a higher level. They have been a prime source of information gathering for the several aspects concerned to India's security.

Today we have several satellites above our country in the space which are keeping a constant eye on the several parts of India and it's surrounding too.

Among those prestige surveillance satellites, RISAT series is one of the most successful as well as very well served.

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RISAT, acronymed as Radar Imaging SATellite provides surveillance services by synthetic aperture radar. Till the date, there are two additions in the series namely: RISAT-2 and RISAT-1.

And the third one in the series, namely "RISAT-2BR1" is fully set to be launched by ISRO [Indian Space Research Organisation] on this 22nd May.

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It will be launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh by a launch vehicle of PSLV series, namely PSLV-C46.

The launch of the satellite was about to happen in 2020 but the date was called off earlier.

This launch will make India conduct a 24x7 all-weather surveillance on the terror camps and other activities happening there in PoK [Pakistan occupied Services].

It will be the first all-weather surveillance satellite. It will be also very to the army directly to look after the Indian National border.

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