Huawei: What's next for the techno giant and its customers... are the upcoming days harsh or there's a ray of hope???

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Just imagine, you are using a kind of smartphone and its features are of such a high bar which jealous your colleagues, the phone sometimes becomes a symbol of status for you, it has too cost you a bit more than other phones and it delivers you equally.

But... it's in the news that the brand will suffer a cut-off from Android and all the services of Google as well as all the US tech companies.

The land will just slide down your legs and you will sweat off. Yaa there's an exactly similar situation took place in the global tech market.

The USA Government headed by Donald Trump has ordered all the US companies to chop-off all their business relations with Huawei [the Chinese tech giant], simply just banning it.

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Huawei is known for just everything possible in the technical world, whether it would be the camera, speed, etc, Huawei is in a cut-to-cut competition with all the tech players in the global market since several years.

There's not a piece of doubt that Huawei delivers of what its products are paid off. Meanwhile, the company was witnessing its impeccable growth globally, since some years there were several allegations on it of spying for China.

But the company had somehow kept it out of their core focus and kept improvising as well as introducing their new products and being a part of healthy competition in the global tech market.

Whether it would be the P series [P30, P30 Pro, P30 Lite] or Mate series or Y series or anyone you choose, it has never let down their customers and has impressed them by several breathtaking features, especially the cameras.

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The ban proved a massive setback for all the Huawei and its customers as well as even for the people using other brands.

Huawei's products have not only increased their boundaries but also made other companies improve and provide the customers with a better choice.

The ban of Huawei at the first moment had confused the users about several services including the OS, Huawei's ties with Amazon, etc.

The ban is going to make a very very harsh time for Huawei as it will be no more be able to work with the US companies like Google, Qualcomm, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Whatsapp etc.

Reportedly due to the US Govt's ban, Google has stopped all the Huawei phones from getting all the future Android updates.

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This is gonna invite massive problems as the phones will be next to become useless as they will not offer Google services including Youtube, Play Store, Drive, etc. It will basically not receive any of the new updates of Android which is the most popular OS [Operating System] worldwide.

There will be a huge setback for the company which was focussing on some of its ambitious flagships in future like Huawei Mate X, which was gonna be the first ever foldable 5G phone but the script of the story has many twists now.

Meanwhile, Huawei has Initiated the process to make it's own App Store to replace Google's in their smartphones and also thinking about replacing other services which are offered by several US tech giants.

It's gonna be absolutely very very hard for Huawei to make it out but there's no option left too. Meanwhile, the things which could make an effect and do everything normal again includes negotiations with the US Government by Ren Zhengfei, the owner.

Ren Zhengfei & Donald Trump
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In a way, Huawei has also become prey of US-China trade war and has emerged as the one who's suffering the worst.

Meanwhile, US Gove has allowed Huawei to work with, temporarily for 90 days and Huawei's launches within that time period will not be affected.

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