Fire safety: What are the precautions & public safety norms you're caught up in fire?

fire safety
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In our previous blog, we discussed the awareness which needs to be developed in the people while designing as well as constructing their shelters, working places, etc to prevent fire accidents. We also mentioned the National Building Code [NBC] which guides all the constructions in India.

There are also some basic things of which everyone should be aware of while he/she is caught in the fire. There's a thing missing in the minds while he/she is caught up is common sense.

The thing which should not be done is panicking. In the hottest surrounding one with a calm mind can save the lives of many.

So when one caught in the fire at home, working place, etc should do the following things to escape as well as minimise the life loss:

  • Firstly don't panic and think rationally to handle the situation.
  • Call to the fire brigade on one the numbers '101' or '112' and give the address details of the place of accident.
  • If anyone is missing or trapped in the fire the inform in the call.
  • Try to escape from the place caught in the fire through fire exits of through escape routes.
fire exit
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  • If the fire is just in a room or a place in the building than close all the windows and doors of that room while escaping to stop the fire from spreading.
  • Don't look for your money, valuables, documents, jewellery, etc they are not at all important than your life.
  • After escaping search for a safe place a bit far from the accident place and never ever try to go back inside the place which has caught fire

The above steps can act as a life saviour and prevent many casualties. There are some preparedness which can prevent the cause of the fire and minimise the damages.

  • Install the battery powered fire alarms and smoke detectors at several places of your residence and working places as well as check them from time to time.
fire alarm and smoke detector
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  • Also, install fire extinguishers in several places and teach your family members and colleagues the way to use it. 
fire extinguisher
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  • Also, check and replace them from time to time.
  • conduct periodic drills with your family members and colleagues that how to escape from such situations

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