Fire safety: what are the safety measures and how just a building's design can save the lives of people during fire...?

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Fire accidents are one of the most dangerous man-made disasters a human wish to be not ever frosted with. Fire is one of those natural elements of which everyone has a phobia, termed as "Pyrophobia".

The wounds of fire also pain the most. Only a devil can imagine someone being burned into the fire. The visuals just shake us from inside.

The invention of the fire has undoubtedly revoluted the lifestyle of humans since several eras. Today we can't imagine our day without fire. Today fire is definitely necessary to survive but it should be in a controlled manner otherwise it becomes the biggest rival of humans.

Meanwhile, the disasters are a form of punishments and they visit humans time-to-time to teach the lessons of humanity. They may be natural or manmade but leaves several deep wounds.

For natural disasters, no-one could be accused of but the man-made disasters are the direct results of several mistakes made by humans.

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Humans make several mistakes sometimes unknowingly while sometimes they see their profits more shining than the red signals of future probable accidents.

There are several ways through which some of the severe man-made disasters like fire can be controlled and the casualties can be controlled.

The fire accidents are happening frequently in several corners of the world and they need to be taken more seriously to minimise the damages as well as preventing their root causes.

The move needs to be implemented and the public should be aware of the threats which are the results of their small mistakes.

Oftenly the residential places are caught to fire and the end of the world for the people becomes the culprit.

fire safety
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The design of houses and residential buildings whether on a small or large scale should be carried out in such a way which could abolish the causes of fire and provide people really with the safest shade and four walls.

We curse the government and its agencies for the manmade disasters but the property owners and the people suffering are too responsible for it.

We just need to follow some of the rules as well as precautions and we could clearly see the change. There are several building designing norms which must be followed when a building is designed.

For the over populous as well as a young country like India, the lives matter more and with that prospect, The National Building Code [NBC] is made which guides the constructions India wide.

The National Building Code
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It's updated time-to-time keeping the new possibilities in mind.

For the fire precautions, there are some basic norms which should be followed:

  • The electricity connections should be never come in direct contact with air.
  • Buildings should have more than one exits and that too easily escapable.
  • The design of the building should stop the fire from spreading.
  • Water sprinklers, Burglar alarms, fire extinguishers, etc should be installed in every building.
  • The big buildings should have a fire exit.
  • The design should increase the strength of walls and roofs to resist fire.

fire safety
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  1. Good it in line with the current ongoing issues in relation to Fire. Hope you will include what can general people can do to prevent such cases in future, that short of general awareness needs to be bring among all new generations.

    Also, suggest to give source link(hyperlink) if possible example the NBC picture is attached, but either upon clicking the book, let to open the book directly alternatively within the text with hyperlink that will directly go to source file.

    Thanks and keep it up.