Fani: Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and lastly Bangladesh face the curse of cyclone FANI...

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The Bay of Bengal experiences at least a cyclone every year and that's between April to December. And this time it's gonna be very furious.

According to the Indian Metrological Department FANI is a tropical cyclone which originated in the Indian Ocean near the West Sumatra on 26th April.

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It suddenly drifted towards the west direction, widened its area and gaining more and more strength. It advanced towards the north and unfortunately became the "extremely severe cyclonic storm".

It took almost no time to transform into a deadly and furious cyclone Orissa has ever seen in the last two decades.

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As soon as the announcement broke out, the central and state governments had taken over the responsibilities by ordering several agencies like CRPF, Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Disaster Management Forces, etc.

The preparedness for least damage was on its maximum. The areas which were prone to the storm were evacuated before the cyclone makes the landfall.

Above 11 lakh people were evacuated by the forces and appointed agencies. The forecast systems were alerted and the public was adviced to be updated with it and never ever listen to the rumours.

Bhuvaneshwar, as well as Kolkata airports, were shut down and the flight operations were cancelled. The public was adviced to be in their respective houses.

The Electricity department has also maximised its reach in the areas which are supposed to affect to minimise the damages due to the electric reasons.

The Eastern railway has cancelled over 140+ trains till now and for evacuation purposes, engines of three trains are on which will run between Puri and Howrah-Shalimar.

And before the landfall, several areas of Orissa & Andhra Pradesh witnessed heavy rainfall.

Its speed is reported above 200-210 km/hr and with the speed of winds 230 km/hr, it has hit the state of Orissa in Puri's coast and landfall has taken place.

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The cyclone will shower its wrath on Indian states namely Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
and West Bengal while it is supposed to advance towards Bangladesh tomorrow.

The relief teams are on the highest possible alert and aid work is going on in the affected areas.
The helpline number to the Orissa control room is 1938 
 The Orissa emergency helpline number is Phone number+916742534177

It's horrifying to know that India experiences four cyclones on an average every year.

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