exit polls of Election: should they really have a place in democracy and that too like India???

Exit Polls
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India has gone through a lot in its early years from election malpractices and who knows that they have really stopped or in trend now too???

Elections India are undoubtedly very irritating as well as interesting too. Through the big-big faces going on their very lows, the strings of claims and defences, a bit spices of religion and caste system and most importantly the polarisation of votes.

Indians not so often vote on the work rather they vote for the face. The vote is only given on several factors like caste, religion, etc.

But this picture is improved a lot since 2013 and the guy needed to be admired for this is on but our Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi
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Although, there are some spots of the above factors were visible but overall he results completely successful before and most often after the elections to shift the issues from religion-caste to development and similar stuff.

And this creates a new interest of the public as they first were witnessing an election fought majorly on development issues in 2014.

And the above similar type situations are created in most probably many elections which generates more curiosity for the results of the experimental elections.

And to fulfil this hunger of public, the exit polls came into existence and almost every time they seem to be an entertainment show for public rather than focus on real results.

And whenever the above mentioned and case study or similar like situations have taken place, the exit polls have been eagerly awaited.

Exit polls History
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Started in the mid-1980s during the era of Iron lady Indira Gandhi, they rose to sudden popularity in 1990s when the non-Gandhi-Nehrus were in the Warfield.

 And interestingly in the election year 1996, the Doordarshan also too side of the fray of private firms conducting exit polls and since then they have been an important event that India has never missed after the final voting.

And the conduction of exit polls is also partially similar to election voting process and partially on predictions based on the environment [political, obviously] before and while the voting.

The voters are asked one on one that to whom have they voted and integratively the spices of the expert's reviews are also considered before calculating the final number.

Exit polls
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But their accuracy is of course not exact. It totally depends on whether the voter has answered correctly or not. So this was the soul process of conduction & calculation of exit polls.

But, politics is in fact like air which cannot be stopped anyhow by entering in any field, institution, etc. So exit polls are also not left. There's no proof given anytime by the conducting agencies that they have taken the public opinion.

There might be something else behind the curtain, who knows.

Exit polls could probably be used to build a base for a party of a group of party "alliance" before the results or to wash the brains of viewers with a variety of data in order to build or strengthen their choices, etc.

Or if they are based on public opinion then too, who knows that they have answered right.

Exit polls
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Or one possibility in it too, the opposition might tamper the exit polls back the curtain in favour of the ruling party and that claim that the ruling party have done it so they could tamper EVMs while counting.

These type of allegations are emerging since the introduction and legalisation of exit polls in Indian politics.

And they have displayed in such a time period that voters make their minds that results would be similar to it. Some politically curious people celebrate them as true results.

While there are are also similar kind people who take the predictions of the defeat of their favoured party seriously and tension their minds. They know that they are just predictions but then too the dramatical presentation force them to believe.

Meanwhile, there's also a section on citizens in society who rather not believe on exit polls, whether they are in or against their favoured party. They call it a hammer on democracy.

There should be awareness created in society and exclusively for the politically curious ones to be mature to take the exit polls casually and try to understand several possibilities behind it.

They should also be informed that a several times, the results have not been in the favour of the exit polls and in those circumstances, the agencies are not questioned.

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