Elon Musk: Musk's dream come true again... world gonna see the launch sixty LEO internet satellites by SpaceX [Elon applauded worldwide]

Elon Musk
Image credit: Twitter

Elon Musk has been continuously mesmerising the people worldwide with breathtaking & unbelievable achievements as well as left them awestruck with his future plans & targets.

When he started SpaceX in 2002, his aims laughed off as they seemed impossible but Elon strongly believed in them and has proved himself by achieving milestones from time to time.

He's 40th richest man on the globe but none is richer than him on the basis of vision he owns. His 17-year old venture SpaceX previously revealed that it's aiming to provide a cheap as well as fast internet broadband connection to the world.

The project is named Starlink and SpaceX holding the finger of Musk is ready with 60 satellites loaded in the Falcon 9 rocket launch vehicle.

satellites in falcon 9
Image credit: Twitter

The launch will be carried on the 15th of May at Cape Carnival, Florida.

falcon 9
Image credit: UPI

The group of these 60 satellites will be the first batch of SpaceX's Starlink mission, under which he's aiming to deploy satellites in a thousand number in the LEO [Lower Earth Orbit].

Starlink has the supermassive aim to deploy about 12,000 satellites!!! in the LEO. The number itself is shocking and seems unrealistic but World believes in Musk.

For this SpaceX has previously won The FCC's [Federal Communications Commission's] Permission.

Earlier in 2018 February, two of those satellites named "TinTin A" & "TinTin B" were launched for testing purpose.

All the satellites will form an artificial mega-constellation round the Earth. All the satellites will serve with fast internet connection in every region possible on our planet.

satellites' mega constillation
Image credit: Teslarati

The Satellites will be deployed in two phases. In the first phase launch of 4,409 satellites will be carried out followed by the launch of 7,518 satellites in the second phase.

Both of the clusters will be launched separately and will be deployed in different altitudes. The aim is to anyhow launch half of the targeted satellites within the next six years

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