Electric vehicles: it's not just the old product in the new wrapper however additionally the requirement and the only option left with us in the future...

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Pollution, everyone must be aware of this term. Someone will call it a curse, someone will term it as a burden on the earth and many more but it's very simple to depict it.

It's simply the fruit of our own past deeds which we are now handed on by the nature. The problem is that humans always expect a sweet fruit from nature but this one is the bitterest one.

In these modern days, names like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc have become household. And I'm just eager for that day when a mom will frighten her kid by taking these names in her folk stories.

There's no need to express the concern and problems with the amount of pollution caused by transportation. As it's alone responsible for 73% of the entire pollution caused.

Everyone is aware and know the causes but they are just showing their back to the conservatives who are making efforts to bring a change in the rigid mindset of people.

Just take here a look at the pie chart of the factors which are responsible for causing pollution:

pollution pie chart
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Here it's clear that the Transport sector holds the majority of the stack and that too 3/4th!!! Yaa transportation causes 73% of the total air pollution globally.

Basically, transportation can be simply dubbed as the heartbeat of the world, as without it everything is unreachable and the modern world remains a far-fetched dream which becomes just impossible to achieve without transportation.

So to fully stay alive and cope up with the modern world as well as the daily lifestyle, transportation is the only way to survive.

And remembering here the famous proverb
To get some, you have to lose some...

To keep alive transportation, we need fuel which is just similar to the basic fact that for a human to stay alive, oxygen is necessary.

So transportation needs fuel, fuel combusts, gives power to the engine and lastly, the wheel rotates. This is the basic process of the running of any vehicle.

But the residue by combustion of fuel is the stage which plays the role of a villain in this movie. It's obvious that combustion will leave behind residue and this is the only reason responsible for that 73% pollution.

combustion residue
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We need to reduce this massive figure immediately to spend a better and sustained time of our remaining lives on earth.

So clearly, there are only two ways left with us and both includes closing the mouth of combustion but have a drastic difference in between.

First one is, stop using vehicles like cars, bikes, trucks, buses, etc. This seems a crazy solution as there increases in the number of vehicles on-road but no one can think in their wildest dreams to replace their cars, bikes, etc with bicycles.

And this solution also doesn't cope up with the modern world. Simply, both are not possible together.

So we move on to the second option. This is a feasible one as it includes the initiation of a revolution in the transport industry. The residue is a cause and this focuses on the point that how to get this thing vanished from the whole process.

The fuels like Petrol, Diesel, etc we use are also non-renewable so they are gonna be short-up in the nearest future and their combustion without residue is not possible, so the world has to eye on the renewable energy sources.

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And in order to use renewable energy sources, we need to change the transportation system from its base. I mean we need to replace all the present vehicles which run on non-renewable fuels with the vehicles which run on renewable fuels.

Electric vehicles are the requirement. They need to replace all the old fashioned petrol-diesel vehicles [I mean the one we use presently] and the drastic change will be before us in future.

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  1. Nice article published on Pollution.

    I think there are other solutions too like use of Public transport like Metro, Bus, Pool vehicles, usage of cycles and other means of similar alternatives also have impact collectively over the pollution.