Elections & Economics: why the infinite bond between money and elections can never be even cracked???

Politics & economy
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India with elections and India without elections, both terms have a drastic difference in between on ground reality. Only a native Indian can understand as well as predict, how the world's largest elections by every parameter are conducted.

We Indians are smart enough. We go through the political dramas and similar stuff every day as there's not a single week left when there's an election in any corner of India.

We, in fact, have a healthy enjoyment before the elections are conducted. Only Indians have a privilege to see their leaders visiting their lowest levels while campaigns.

It's definitely as well as undoubtedly a serious issue for the dignity of our country but for a common man tired from his daily life, the Indian electoral campaigns are a free and promising source of entertainment.

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And our politicians to improve their level of the thing in which they are the best [absolutely politics] election-by-election.

Today we can easily locate some of the savvy brains in the Indian political market who seem us to be the true student of Acharya Chanakya.

Meanwhile, they have their focus now on just power gain and regain and rule forever. Some want to really serve the country and make it big again but are very difficult to site even with the whole powerhouse!!!

The thing which is only missing in them from Chanakya's teachings is the true respect for the state and state's property. Exploitation is the trend. Really???

Acharya Chanakya
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We all are aware that the Indian politicians could fall to their worse to harvest better produce of votes, so they could definitely exploit the country's resources too. There's not even a spot of doubt in it.

And, now for those who couldn't digest my words, I wanna ask them a question...

Why in the markets, we feel everything a bit, I mean only a bit cheaper before the elections than the previous prices? that's the question for each and every good we purchase, that may be petrol or grocery or any daily routine life requirements...

Politics & economy
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You must definitely think over it if you doubt. And as soon as the polling dates are passed on, the prices again start to rise and the days seem to be normal again.

And as per me, that's the major reason that the Indian economy has to suffer from a roller coaster ride often.

Even the politicians have not spared the stock market. The thing has never been a secret that the strings of stock exchanges are in the hands of some players who can change the "Vastu Shastra" of "the Dalal Street" on their desires, therefore, there can be many potentialities behind the curtain...
Politics & economy
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And the issue was, is and will never be in concern with a single party. I repeat, not any party. It's really a general issue which has emerged out in the general lives of Indians from the political lobbies.

We all are mature enough to understand the forces and reasons behind such changes but we are anyhow just a single dot in the crowd of billions of Indians.

But one thing is damn clear that there will be a day when the politicians would not able to make swings among the voters by exploiting India's wealth and the voters would not give them even a stare.

Remember a thing always, that the economy shouldn't become their bulldog.

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