Apple: Tim Cook and company have bright plans to manufacture iPhones and start Apple stores in India... [get the inside details]

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Apple is one of the most prestigious brand names in the world and they serve quality. Their products are a bit expensive than others but the vision of Steve Jobs is clearly visible in them.

So Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, has revealed the future plans of Apple for expansion and it involves starting a manufacturing plant for iPhones in India.

The announcement was made before a couple of weeks and there are new developments noted. It's not hidden from anyone and Apple too now want to strengthen their brand in India.

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For now, Wistron is Apple's manufacturer of iPhones in India. Till now they produced only older models of iPhones but recently iPhone 7 has been started to assemble in their respective units in Bengaluru.

But then something interesting happened which opened the widened the gap of doors for Apple in India. Narendra Modi, PM of India invited Foxconn to scale up their manufacturing firm in India.

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As all know that Foxconn is Apple's largest manufacturer of iPhones and their Intrest seems high for India as they are soon going to start a trial run to initialise the production. They are reportedly to invest $300 million in India.

This will make a huge change in India's smartphone market as Apple will see a huge share of sales of iPhones.

Because the main reason will be that home manufacturing of iPhones will cut the additional charge of import duty on them.

Alongside this, many efforts are made by Apple too. They have now focused on Indian markets to breakthrough in it. As everyone knows that Indian markets are price sensitive so Apple is also planning to cut off the iPhone prices.

This will drag iPhone's cost appreciably low as it will also add with reduction of import duty. Apple has also accepted that Android will give them tough competition in India but they are confident.

They see a very high potential in Indian smartphone markets. So alongside assembling, Apple is also planning to set up Apple stores India wide. And to make it possible they are in talks with the Government of India.

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