Apache Helicopter: the Indian Air force armoury is all set to get modernised & more mightier by housing the new Apache Guardian Attack Helicopter

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  • This Friday on 10th May, the IAF [Indian Air Force] officially received the Apache Guardian Attack Helicopter AH-64E

  • The helicopter was made of a contract signed by the Government of India with the USA Government and Boeing in September 2015 which was a Rs 13,952 agreement for 22 such helicopters

  • And on this 10th of May, the first helicopter of the crew was officially handed over to the IAF representative Air Marshall AS Butola in US

  • This ceremony took place at Boeing production facility in Mesa, Arizona, USA in presence of IAF delegates as well as US Govt representatives.

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  • The first batch of those 22 helicopters will arrive in India via shipping by July and the delivery will go on till March 2020.

  • And till the IAF starts using those Apaches, the selected personnel from IAF for Aircrew & Groundcrew have undergone training in US at the training facilities of  Boeing production facility in Mesa.

  • They are in use by the USA's army for many years as well as hold one of the topmost positions in the list of multi-role attack helicopters.

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  • This trained personnel will be appointed for the operations of Apaches in IAF. Those operational Apaches in future will give a modern fleet to IAF and increase the IAF's strength to attack.

  • The Apaches are uniquely customised by Boeing especially for IAF and by keeping the future requirements of IAF in mind.

  • Also, the geographical conditions of the areas like mountains in which they will be operating are also taken into consideration.

apache helicopter
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  • It has several advanced facilities which have the full potential to modernise the IAF's armoury. It can carry precise attacks on standstill ranges as well as protect the airspace from the terrestrial threats.

  • It's also designed to send as well as receive pictures of the battlefield via data networking. They will prove extremely useful to carry out operations with the help of land forces.

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