5G in India: inspecting it's effect on India through every perspective???

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As we talked regarding the new 5G corridor by BSNL to be operational in India's capital New Delhi in our previous blog, today we will discuss, "how 5G will impact India?"

➥So first of all,

What's 5G?

It's simply the fifth generation of cellular network technology which will succeed the previous network technologies like 4G, 3G, 2G, etc.

It will reportedly increase the existing 4G internet speed by 100 times!!! that's just amazing. It's aiming to replace the storage devices by clouds which would drastically affect the internet speed.

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It will totally change the way in which the internet responds to users. This will also give a boost to operate several technologies like self-driving, types of machinery, etc. 

It has the full potential to transfer internet users into a completely new era which would be faster, more responsive, smarter and most preferably easier for humans.

Current status of the Internet in India...

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Indians are privileged to have such cheap data plans and easy availability of fast data connections has grossed the number of internet users by nearly half of the entire population of India.

Today there are about 60.4 crore users of internet in urban & rural areas and among this huge number of users, about 21.3 crores reside in rural areas and 39 crores in urban areas.

India has seen the rapid growth in internet users in just the last 2 years. The government has played a vital role to bring up the number of internet users.

It has constantly been bringing the administration processes online one by one, encouraging the online facilities, e-banking, cashless transactions.

Rural India experienced impeccable growth in internet users which was around 35%. 

Future prospects...

India has proved that it's a rapid acceptor of new things and that's only the reason that India is the fastest growing country.

The rapid acceptance of the 4G network can ensure the network suppliers that 5G will be successful accordingly. Also, several current telecom players are planning to bring up 5G in India soon.

Even BSNL has previously announced that it's coming up with a 5G corridor in New Delhi on a testing basis.

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How big can its effect?

5G can invite the self-driving technology in India, increase the traffic on online streaming platforms, widen the doors of online educational platforms, make the lifestyle of Indians faster, etc.

There will come out new business prospects as the basic necessity of fast internet supply will be fulfilled.

However, the network suppliers would have to come onboard with bulky investments as they will shift the telecom world in a new era.

The process of setting up the basic requirements like processing units, baseband unit, etc for 5G has accelerated and as per the statement of Manoj Sinha, the Telecom Minister of India, that India will be ready to roll out 5G by 2020!!!

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