5G and it's dark side: world should also have the eye on this side of the fifth generation networking technology...

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There's not a single doubt that everything is complete, there remain several aspects which are unexplored or are neglected as at that moment only the bright & profitable future is visible.

In the field of communication too, there are some issues with several aspects of the 4th generation commuting technology which led the inventors to develop more advanced version [5G] and tackle those issues.

1G would have come up after 0G, 2G from 1G, 3G from 2G and lastly 4G from 3G  due to the same reason. Humans are never satisfied, they always want more at any cost and they definitely say "whatever it takes!!!".

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5G has really good prospects and can really revolute the telecom industry and speed up the lives to an unbelievable level.

It's okay with all the advantages but the disadvantages couldn't be neglected. The fact that 5G will badly increase the problem of radiations is not unknown to everyone but they are neglecting it.

5G radiation
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It's true that after 5G will be in general use, there would be a measurable growth in each and every sector and will, in turn, increase the economy but "to get some you have to lose some".

Along with the growth in the economy, it will also increase the number of cancer patients, headaches, sleep problems, DNA damages, affect the blood, etc.

5G radiation
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Humans are just harming themselves. In the case of "whatever it takes!!!" they are compromising some of the factors which definitely has the potential to gain a massive form in future and threaten their next generations.

Their stubbornness and lack of long term planning will definitely lead to some serious problems to come up in future.

Humans should also keep a thing in mind that the solutions to those problems will be next to impossible as no one would be ready to compromise with their internet speeds.

Right now there's a chance to think on seriously on it in order to protect the next generations, otherwise, 
today's pleasure will become a curse for our kids.

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  1. Good one, you have just touch upon the other side of the coin. Based on the well know proverb- "Prevention is always better than cure". It's has a serious impact on health, so unless enough research been carried out, it should not be go give Green signal in India otherwise be ready for harm more later on basis of more and more usage in highly populated area in India.