Yeti: photos of mysterious footprints surfaced the web claimed to be of the snowman like creature sighted in the kid stories...

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Images credit: DDBeyond
The Himalayan Mountain Range stretching in the regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan, China & Pakistan, today also has some unexplored places and factors in it.

It has been associated with the religious beliefs of Hindus form several years and a major part of the religious stories as well as of the folklore.

Almost every kid might have seen a snowman like a creature in cartoons, comics, sci-fi movies etc. Humans are also curious to know about it for decades.

Several clues, as well as proofs, have been surfaced for several years by explorers, mountaineers and local people.

yeti image
Images credit: theguardian

Since the 1920s explorers are travelling the Himalayan snows in order to capture the wild beast. Even Sir Edmund Hillary did so.

It's said that it roams in the Himalayas and has an ape-like structure. But till now no one could capture it in a photograph or something similar.

Recently Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition team tweeted such a photographic proof which sights the mysterious footprints which are claimed to be of Yeti:

Indian army tweet
Images credit: Twitter

The photos were clicked on 9th April near the Makalu Base camp of Nepal. The footprint had the size 32 x 25 inches. It's also claimed in the tweet that the snowman is only sighted earlier in Makalu-Barun National Park.

The photographs matched the earlier theories so they were shared with the public on Twitter. The evidence gathered in the photos are also given for scientific evaluation.

yeti footprints
Images credit: CNN
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