The Black Hole: humans... here's the first ever image of "The Black Hole!!!"

Image credit: Harvard Gazette - Harvard University
Hmm, It seems that we have come a long way since the beginning of humanity or rather from the beginning of the universe.

Since then there have been so many mysteries with questions left unanswered like "The Big Bang", "Bermuda Triangle", "Missing of Flight MH370", "Does Aliens Exists?" and many more...

Hail to the groups of scientists who have set up the Event Horizon Telescope [EVT]who on behalf of today are launching:

 the first-ever images which will be known to man as 'The Black Hole'.
As you all know that the images we see of Black Hole till today were rather imaginary than real.

So we were stuck in this dilemma for so long until it has been unveiled today.

So it is a complicated process of how the image will be taken. First of all, EVT means that the connection of all the telescope worldwide will be required to take the best images of The Black Hole.

Image credit: Harvard CfA - Harvard University
And all the telescope should have some issues like weather, telescope breakdown, maintenance, etc.

By the group of scientist discussing the time when the best image can be shot, it was said to be on April 10th, 2019(Today).

The scientists are trying there best to conquer the truth behind The Black Hole and today might be a historic day for what lies in the future.

We are really thankful for the commitment of The Great Scientist Stephen Hawking
whose research/contribution towards Deep Space has been valuable to humanity for greater research, whereas we are also feeling sad for not having them witness the fruit for which they had been working their life out.
Image credit: 
We look forward to some historic days in the near future which could not have been possible without their help.

Till then we are being amazed by every new invention whether it be Science or Technology and will be till the creativity dies. (which will not happen LOL)


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