South India high Alert?: blasts in Sri Lanka are now giving aftershocks to India... police get's a tip from a call, but was it a hoax? [but here's now a twist]

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The deadly bomb blasts in Sri Lanka were just shocking. Overall it took lives of 253 innocent people and injured over 500. World showered sympathy on Sri Lanka as the news spread all around.

India was among the first to criticize it. India too warned Sri Lanka by providing information about the possible blasts just two hours before they happened but then too the blasts happened.

Sri Lanka is now suffering in various ways. But the terrorist groups namely: national thowheeth jama'ath and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant responsible for the blasts.

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But there's a piece of bad news for India too!!! [as stated in the phone call]

According to the sources on the web, a mischievous call came to police and the caller claimed that a terrorist group is allegedly planning to attack several cities of states namely: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharastra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Pondicherry.

And it was also stated in the phone call that Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu based terrorists [sleeper cells] have departed to the targeted cities.

In the first sight, the panic was spread in the air of India. Police immediately took the action to prevent the probable attack as DG of Karnataka faxed to alert the rest of above-listed state's police

But unfortunately, the fax message went viral on social media especially on WhatsApp, which in turn spread the panic in the public.

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The warning seemed correct too as it came to the surface post the Sri Lankan easter bombings, so almost everyone felt no need to cross-check it.

But on Saturday, the panic in the air was cleared by the DGP of Andhra Pradesh that there's nothing to fear, as the phone call was a hoax.

The hoax caller was identified as Sundar Murthy [an ex-army truck driver & presently a lorry driver], residing in the outskirts of Avalahalli city and arrested by the CCB officers.

While in the interrogation with the accused, he claimed that while meditation he got the vision several times of the possible attacks, so he informed the police. And later on, the investigators came to know that while calling he was drunk.

This is not for the first time. Several times in the past too this type of people seeking personal happiness or aiming to spread fear, initiate the kind of information which have the potential to spread fear among people.

And those fake news make their way with an unbelievable speed as the public takes no time to cross-check it. First, they fear and forwardly fear others [unknowingly].

There should be awareness in the society that how one should deal with when such fake news or information he comes across.

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