Samsung Galaxy Fold: Rs 1,40,000 mobile gets the FOLD-GATE [bent] !!! (you need to look at this)

Source: Youtube
As a techy person, you would have known some of the fatal problems with some old devices like Bend-gate(iPhone 6), charge-gate(iPhone Xs Max), etc.

Here during the retail selling of the Galaxy Fold from The South Korean Tech giant-Samsung, some of the users have felt that their phone has not met their expectations as it has invited a new problem for them.

Samsung as being lost in making the First foldable phone has delivered its phones to some of the tech reviewers (eg: MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, etc) they had not felt any problem at the first sight.

Source: Twitter
But the problem slowly made its way on Twitter as the reviewers were checking out the phone closely.

The reviewers unit didn't have a warning sticker about not peeling off the safety protective layer above the screen.

Source: Youtube

It seems that this small mistake had made a huge problem in the review unit as one of the youtuber posted on twitter about what actually happened as he tried to peel the protective layer off the screen.

Source: Twitter
This event has made a conflict on the internet whether this device deserves its  Rs 1,40,000 [$ 1980] price tag or not.

As Foldable phones are just in their primitive stages we would see some mistakes here and there but, that doesn't mean that the device should be discontinued.

The world is moving toward the era of foldable phones and we would see some of the best phones in the upcoming years

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