Pitbull & Guru Randhawa: T-series on a new high, Guru Randhawa collaborates with "PITBULL" in their new song "Slowly Slowly"

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T-series, India's leading music record label has recently launched a song on youtube named "Slowly Slowly".

The music video features Indian musical star "Guru Randhawa" & the global sensational rapper "Pitbull" aka "Mr.Worldwide".

The song is sung by Gura Randhawa & Features Pitbull. The lyrics are too written by the duo. Music of the song is composed by Dj Shadow, BlackOut, DJ Money Willz, Vee Music & MKSHFT.

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The music video was shot in Miami, Florida, USA. It's lyrics are:

~Slowly Slowly Lyrics~

Tere Moves Ok

Teri Look Ok
Tenu Dekh Dekh Ke
Munde Bharde Hauke
Slowly Slowly Nach Tu
Slowly Slowly Slowly Slowly
Sambh Ke Rakh Baby Akh Tu
Ni Mundeya Nu Mardi Aa

-Pitbull Part-

From Mumbai To Pune
New Delhi To Calcutta
I Put It On My Mother
This Boy Here Burns Rubber
Even If I St-St-Stutter
You Know What I’m Talking About
If You Ain’t Down To Get Down
Mami Walk It Out
Her Brain Game It’s A Game
So Let’s Do This
Get Foolish
The Car Yeah Is Roofless
Her Booty So Big
It Feels Like She’s Toothless
RIP Eazy-E
With One Mami In The Back And One Mami In The Front
This Chico Ruthless
I Called It Fat Tuesdays
Always Low-Key Like What

I'm Off In The Cut
So Mami Slow Down And Feel It Up ... AGUA
Always Keep Them On Their Toes Just In Case They Pull Stunts

I Like The Way She Dances, I Like The Way She Moves, Sexy Sexy Sexy”
Slowly Slowly Nach Tu

Ki Ae Tera Naam, Na Na
Tell Me Haan , Ha Ha
De De Dil Vich Thaaan Thaaaan
Khali Je Peya, Ya Ya
Tu Jidda Kare Move, Yeah Yeah
Slowly Slowly Slowly Slowly
Ni Mundeya Nu Mardi Aa
Sambh Ke Rakh Baby Akh Tu

Baby Girl Mein Tera , Aa Aa
Kad Di Ae Jaan , Aa Aa
Tu Vi Kar Mainu Haan , Ha Ha
Sambh Ke Rakh Baby Akh Tu
Slowly Slowly Slowly Slowly
Slowly Slowly Nach Tu
Ni Mundeya Nu Mardi Aa...

The song was spread & loved in the mass in no time. It got 32+ million views in less than 24 hours of its release on YouTube.

Meanwhile, it was for the first time for T-series collaborating with Pitbull in Pitbull's first feature in a Hindi song.

Although, T-series has a very large and deep base of music recording and producing films has become the most subscribed and viewed youtube channel ever.

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Defeating PewDiePie by gaining 94,914,511 subscribers... T-series is now one of the most subscribed youtube channel holding the track record of 60+ billion views!!!

And today for T-series on youtube, about 40% of views come from foreign countries. So the Indian giant is now seriously focusing overseas...

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