Paris news: "Notre Dame de" cathedral closed temporarily for 5 years for restoration... [know what caused the fire???]

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The fire was caught at the beginning of this week at one of the most iconic medieval marvels existing on earth, Notre Dame de Cathedral in Paris.

The people worldwide were in deep sorrow as they watched the beautiful monument destructing and felt helpless. Especially the people religiously associated with it had tears in their eyes...

Various footages and clips of the spire falling down, the dark smoke coming out, etc gave anguish feel to me.
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According to the investigative officials & web sources, the church management didn't allowed to place the fire alarms and water sprinklers under the domed roofs which didn't prevent the fire from spreading.

You can see here that along with the roofs, most of the interior elements of the building have been badly burnt in the fire.

Image credit: Boston Herald
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On the day when the fire broke out, the French President Emmanuel Macron & Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had begun the fundraising campaign among the international community.

The cathedral belonged to the French government but the maintenance rights were in hands of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris. 

So the Cultural Ministry of the French Government will donate $ 2.28 million every year.

But the priests believe that it can't fulfil the cost of renovation. The tourists and people associated with it religiously also, now have a feeling that it would be unsafe to be there.

But thank God!!! the International fundraising campaign has raised more than $ 1 trillion, which is much much more than the help provided by the French Government.

In fact, a billionaire of Indian origin and owner of worlds largest steel manufacturer "Arcelor Mittal", Shri Lakshmi Mittal has offered the steel required to renovate the cathedral.

The cathedral will be closed for five long years so its priests have demanded to construct a temporary wooden building for the devotees.

And thankfully the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has allocated a suitable land to construct the replica.

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