Paris news: Fire broke out in the world famous notre-dame de cathedral... [here're the latest updates]

Image credit: Vox
Paris... the land of art, fashion, gastronomy, culture and home of the world-famous Effiel Tower also houses a Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral.

On Monday at 18:30 (16:30 GMT), the historic 850-year-old Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire and continued till Tuesday morning.

The fire originated probably down the junction roofs in the back part of the cathedral. 

Firefighters are working really hard to get rid of it. The fire was spread on all the four roofs along with the spire on it.

All four roofs and the spire have collapsed in the fire. Along with it the wooden interior, as well as the stained glass windows, have also been destroyed.

Image credit: BBC
However, the firefighters were successful to save the main building which includes two clock towers and the west rose windows.

This tragedy has happened just a few days before Easter. It will definitely reduce the number of holy visitors during Easter.

The firefighters are still struggling to save the interior artefacts. According to the officials they have been able to save some of the valuable artefacts like Crown of Thorns from fire.

The French government has immediately launched an international fundraising campaign and have also pledged to rebuild the structure again.

Image credit: France 24

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