Narendra Modi Vs Priyanka gandhi? : priyanka shell contest from Varanasi lok sabha seat against Modi... [know the possibilites]

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After a long wait, India saw Priyanka Gandhi in active politics. The nation seems to be have accepted her but still not a better option for the pan India leader, PM Modi.

The timing of her showtime publically is the biggest reason that she's not able to get much media limelight and public attention.

The country was totally sure that one more member of the Gandhi Dynasty will enter politics and the new face would be Priyanka. 

The Congress brought her in the front row and made her General secretary of eastern U.P. congress along with Jyotiraditya Scindia. They knew that they are late but the party needed the new face and no other face could be found outside the Gandhi family, so she was picked up.

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However, she has campaigned several times but just for Gandhi family's two ancestory seats namely "Amethi" & "Raebareli". But this time she is brought to make it big.

Congress has learned gradually that their president Rahul Gandhi can't defeat Modi and they need someone strong as 'Bhramastra' to act as a speed breaker in the path of Modi's victory chariot.

A spitting image or "अक्स" of the veteran leader and the former Indian PM Late Indira Gandhi can be truly seen in Priyanka. Not just similar looks but similar speech, voice, charm, mannerisms, etc are too similar to Indira Gandhi.

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But surrounded by corruption charges along with her husband Robert Vadra, can be major obstacles and setbacks in future. 

Nation sees the potential in Priyanka to become Indira Gandhi 2.0. But, for now, Indians seems to be overall satisfied with Narendra Modi which is reflected by all the pre-election exit polls.

And the election climate says that Modi is coming again but let's see on 23rd May...

"But wait!!!"

BJP has confirmed that Modi will contest from the current Varanasi seat again and will file nomination on 25th April. By the way, Varanasi has polls on the last phase, 19th May.

Congress has recently launched a list of 9 more Lok Sabha candidates. The winds of Priyanka for contesting against Modi have also gained velocity. 

Congress is not denying the question by saying that media will be informed afterwards if it's so. And earlier Priyanka has said too that if party wishes than she will contest elections.

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Now it is the Gandhi family matter to let Priyanka contest or not. If it happens then too she would not able to make a miracle in Varanasi as few days are left.

But Congress is sure that she will definitely reduce Modi's vote share which was nearly 56% in 2014. 

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