Marsquake: an earthquake on mars!!! hear the audio of marsquake here along with it's several details

Image credit: The Verge

People on earth go crazy when they hear about any new exploration or updates of our neighbour planet, Mars. Do you feel so?

Since Mars is proved as the best option for mankind to survive when life would become extremely difficult and challenging on Earth just due to some silly as well as severe mistakes of mankind.

Several national as well as private agencies all around the globe have launched or are opting to launch several missions to study the red planet closely.

Among those operational missions, some are operating on Mars' surface while some are revolving around it as a satellite.

We have been hearing and sometimes experiencing earthquakes since we were born and almost all of us must be knowing about the reason for it.

We know that earthquake happens due to movements of tectonic plates of crust and is measured in the richter scale in increasing order.

The same is with mars. However, not an earthquake but Marsquake happens there and it's proven too.

Recently NASA's probe InSight detected the seismic waves on mars for the very first time in the astrological history.

Here it here:

It was recorded by InSight on 6th April and on the 128th day of InSight on mars. The marsquake was supposed to have a magnitude of 2.5 richer scales by the seismometer in the InSIght.

Image credit: Astronomy Now

However, those type of shakes were recorded three times after the first one but were not much stronger than one recorded on 6th April.

This very exciting achievement is considered as a landmark in the path of success of InSight, as the main goal is to study the internal structure of mars which seems to be nearer to the scientists now as they have seen the bright ray of hope.

In previous years too, quakes were detected on the surface of the Moon and the pieces of evidence were gathered for Venus.

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